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Needo Usa

Needo Usa

The Problem

The country land in America is vast and hold 33 crores of people in every landscape. “Do they get the right property to live and work? Do properties are maintained properly?” is a question that depends on several factors like pricing, location, requirements, services, etc.

Many times, subcontractors between a vendor and buyer cause a sort of miscommunication due to which finding out good properties becomes a challenging task. If property management is done in the best manner then to a very limit this problem is solvable.

The absence of a powerful service network to compete and control the quality and pricing standards of properties is a challenge. If remodeling of this vendor, subcontractor and property buyer system is done with software, then property management becomes quite easy.

We did the same and emphasized integrity, transparency, and performance of the property management software.

The Solution

NEEDO USA is a property management software in Real Estate whose vision is to provide services from service companies efficiently, vendors, contractors, and subcontractors to residential owners, managers, and property employees.

This software is dedicated to giving quality and guarantees customer satisfaction. It's a vendor management system focussed on saving time-related to vendor services like labor services, property allocation, helping customers to find out new properties.

A major part of its services comprises property organization, property estimation, scheduling, pricing, and invoices.

The software consists of two major accounts:

  1. Property management Company Account (PMC)
  2. Contractor company account (CC)

In PMCA, admin adds properties, property managers and service managers. Admin also adds CC that works on the jobs assign it to PMC.

Work Performed NEEDO’s Property Management Software:

  • In a single dashboard, you can build your personal network of skilled workers, contractors, and employees.
  • You can Streamline labor, material costs, maximize job profitability for effective Cost Management.
  • Keep an eye on pricing trends to make quick estimates.
  • Calendar scheduling is a great feature that keeps a tack on the company’s employees, contractors, vendors, subcontractors, and labors.
  • Fast Invoicing helps in managing rates and receipts to and fro from the company.

If you have any queries related to NEEDO USA, feel free to contact us.

Important Features:

  • Assign Qualified Vendors
  • Execute Job Processes Efficiently
  • Reduce Operational Risks
  • Improve Vendor Performance
  • Easy-to-Manage Software
  • Experienced Consultants
  • Geographical Flexibility

Zrix provided complete software development, website’s frontend, backend and made it interactive with a responsive design.



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