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Parts Helper


The Problem

Modifying your old car to a new one is quite a trendy business. Using BMW’s latest bumper on an older version customizing it with a new engine, comfortable seats, better interior, etc. is an enjoyable task.

Otherwise, replacing your car part with another (new or old) is the demand of the situation!

However, the problem is finding out a genuine dealer who gives you car spare parts at less rates when compared to the market cost.

Many a time, we purchase a car accessory or spare part at high rates from a shop in our local market. After then, we regret purchasing it because the same part is available at low cost at online platforms.

There are many online platforms available, but some sell at high rates and some at low!

The Solution

Parts-helper is an extension developed by CMS Website Services, Raleigh, USA which compares the car spare parts and provides you the part at the lowest possible cost on The website is a leading online platform that sale car spare parts and accessories.

Their network to arrange any car part is strong as a cement brick. Upon downloading and installing this extension at your browser, you have the liberty to purchase car parts under your budget.

Website Features

Like in all other extensions, we have also used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to make parts-helper extension. Also, the extension works only at the Google Chrome browser. On the other hand, the website is made on Twill, Laravel, and PHP along with the usage of HTML, CSS, etc.

CMS Website Services is in the business of browser extension development for a long time and is running different plugins and extensions for the clients at browsers like Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox, Opera, etc.

Make one extension for your marketing purpose and engage more customers on your website!

How Parts-helper Extension Works?

First, download and install the extension, enable it for your every car part related search query! Search for “BMW Bumper,” you will get tons of websites suggesting you to buy BMW Bumper.

In the case of parts-helper, if the extension is enabled, it will check your search query “BMW Bumper” and suggests you under budget bumpers from the website

This way the extension saves your time, enhances your browsing experience, and doesn’t let you wander here & there for a BMW Bumper.


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