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The Problem

A real estate website has had to offer interactive photographs, 360-degree property videos, best sorting filters, a secure payment exchange system, online legal documentation, less time-to-market features, and more. The website must provide a digital experience to the visitors, but such websites don't exist in reality.

For the real estate website application, the primary aim of the design and development project is to build the best online property listing display website 24x7 available over the internet.

However, the real challenge was to establish a unique property visiting system/website, easily accessible to everyone. Furthermore, allows people to sell properties directly on this platform.


The Solution

To meet the client's expectation of the web application, we enabled a solution with custom functions in the most secure possible manner.

Starting with confidential login, property search as per your preferences, getting property-related contact details, signing the deal documents, ad doing successful transactions.

Additionally, property owners after login can put their properties for sale/rental by briefing out everything related to the property via pictures, videos, descriptions, size, interiors, and also can show original documents in an encrypted format.

Also, we solved various technical issues, design issues, set good SEO pages, the home page, made it primarily data-driven, optimized it to different screen sizes, which brought better conversion and leads for the Rezza Group real estate agency.

Website Features

The site looked like it was from a different web era, and it certainly did not deliver any value. It was performing poorly on Google, it was insecure, and it certainly did not try to convince anyone to choose it!

But we included the following real estate website features:

Advanced search, Sorting, Image gallery, Social sharing, a Map view, Customer-centric content, A consistent look, Effective design & website management, Easy navigation, Responsive Scalable, and Call-to-Action buttons.

To provide all these features and highlights in a website with a strong database, we needed a strong website builder. Therefore, we used WordPress and developed a successful website.



ZRIX (CMS Website Services) completed the design and development of the real estate website project, meeting all expectations as per client and customer needs.

Our company delivered a 24x7 available online platform to the Property owners looking for a space to set themselves apart from the ongoing competition in real estate marketing. While for property seekers, this platform today helps thousands of customers to buy a dream place for them.

With a modern, easy-to-access, elegant-looking website, Rezza Group is successfully doing its business in the real estate industry.

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