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The Problem

Sagemont website is a people-focused, data-driven, next-generation real estate solution that serves clients and customers about healthcare, office, and retail assets based on trends and opportunities in this sector. The company headquarters is in Nashville!

It provides on-time property services efficiently to vendors, contractors, and subcontractors to residential owners, managers, and property employees. The website provides you following services as Strategy and Consulting, Location Analytics, Leasing, Acquisition and Dispositions, Portfolio Administration, Development and Build-to-Suit Advisory, Power Centers, Tenant Purposes, and Property Allocation.

To manage everything effectively for the website, we are making software that not only eases the property search, but also helps in property organization, scheduling, location tracking, time management, easy pricing, invoice, complete online documentation, and more.


The Solution

To improve buying\selling performance, manage properties, and provide geographical flexibility at Sagemont website, the backend software works for both the property seller and property buyer!

Property seller/broker basically login, and add properties, which are viewed by the website visitor or the potent buyer. A buyer can select as many properties depending on its requirements.

While it shows interest, the web integrated software sends notifications to the buyer on the property availability, let you fix a time slot, location, distance to cover, and time required to visit the property.

Furthermore, it guides you to the property using an online integrated map based on your current location and keeps covering the visit to the property quickly. Thus, saving your time and vehicle fuel too! The right data interpretation within the software helps in empowering the customer & client’s decision.


At ZRIX (CMS Website Services), we cleanly understood every minute detail and requirement of Sagemont Real Estate and invoked the importance of live data feed using backend software for their business website.

The task looked tough; however, the whole .NET software design and development project is still running and in good terms to support a data-driven real-estate website at the backend.

While the internet is booming, the Sagemont Real Estate business website eases the problems and emphasizes integrity, transparency, management, and performance of the property selling/buying system online.

You can contact us to make such software in the top-notch highly revenue-generating industry to support your online business.

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