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Sagemontre is a real estate company dedicated to finding the perfect property to meet your needs. Specializing primarily in retail, office, and healthcare industries, Sagemontre also caters to various other sectors. Equipped with all the essential services required in the real estate business, Sagemontre understands what you need and how to deliver it.

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Sagemontre Software

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Sagemontre Software Problem

Sagemontre is a reliable real estate firm specialising in properties tailored to your unique needs. Their services include leasing, acquisitions and dispositions, property management, and more. They have integrated five key segments into their software: Leasing, Acquisitions & Dispositions, Portfolio Administration, Construction & Development Management, and Property Management. Additionally, clients can schedule meetings and book their own broker through the software. They required their software to be designed dynamically and efficiently to reflect their brand value and enhance their online presence.

Sagemontre Software Solution

Sagemontre specialises in serving the retail, office, and healthcare industries, among others. Their real estate business offers all the essential features a customer needs. Clients can log in to access their software and view the properties. Additionally, their platform includes a map feature that allows property searches based on specific locations and budgets. Clients also have the option to choose their own broker to showcase properties. We've integrated special mobile features to optimize content display on mobile devices.


Sagemontre Software Features

Property Management: Allow users to search for properties based on various criteria such as location, price, size, amenities, and more.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Maintain a centralized database of contacts including clients, prospects, and partners with detailed profiles and communication history.

Financial Management: Generate reports on revenue, expenses, commissions, and other financial metrics to check business performance.

Sagemontre Software Result

The software features a modern interface, characterised by responsiveness and an intuitive user experience, which has significantly contributed to its success. After the client thoroughly explored the site's features and functionalities, their feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

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