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SPATCO provides energy solutions. SPATCO originally Southern Pump & Tank Company and has been around for over 90+ years, with that comes extensive knowledge of the petroleum solutions.

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Spatco problem

Spatco is a Southern Pump & tank company serving 89+ years in tank company. Spatco can now provide a more seamless client experience bringing a greater value to our petroleum customers. The adoption of the electrical vehicle SPATCO provides energy solutions that meet your needs. Spatco comes to us for unique web design and website development. but more challenging is that we have to build the website in Recently launched CMS called Craft. also a dynamic and highly interactive Business Website. In this project we have to include e-commerce & services business in the same project. They have asked us for Website Designing, Development, and Content addition to their website. They needed their website to be designed Dynamically with higher efficiency that represents their brand value. They were having a major requirement to build up their brand existence among their online users. SPATCO came with the challenge of developing a dynamic and highly interactive Business Website.

Spatco Solution

After chatting with the SPATCO team with their problem. First we analyze their problem. our team of ZRIX offered them a Cost-effective package of web design and development which includes website optimization also. Spatco is After which we have done a lot of market research for getting the latest market trends and analyzing their requirements. When finished with all such processes we have provided them with the best and most feasible Website Design and Development Packages Our experts provided them with fully custom web design and development solutions. Our experts also provided them with the Content services on their website. After all these processes have been completed we have tested all the functionalities of their website. After the approval of our testers, we have provided them with a fully functional, responsive, and Highly interactive Business Website.


Spatco Features

Many Level of Users: Admins can allow the editors to change selected parts of the website. Moreover, departments can schedule and enable users to sign up for a query section, classes, etc.

Responsive Web Design: The website runs on all platforms and is compatible with all screen sizes. Leveraging users with the best usage experience on their desired devices.

Robust CMS: We used the recently launched CMS as Craft CMS. This CMS can manage heavy websites comfortably. That's why Our team chose this cms.

Integrated Billing and Payment Processing: We established Simplify financial. transactions with secure, integrated billing and payment processing, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Mobile Friendly: Zrix creates dynamic Websites that are mobile friendly with our interface. enabling you to stay connected and in control from anywhere, anytime.

Seamless Integration: Integrate Spatco with. existing systems and third-party applications to enhance functionality and streamline operations.

Spatco Result

After successfully completing Spatco's website, we received their feedback on ZRIX. They praised ZRIX for the accurate and thorough work, meeting all their requirements. Impressed with the redesigned website, they entrusted us with its maintenance as well. Thanks to our skilled developers' optimizations, Spatco's website traffic and rankings have significantly improved. If you're looking to grow your business like Spatco and want an affordable Craft-based website, contact our team.

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