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The Problem

When we are running an extensive and global business, we tend to spread it in all major business countries to gain higher profits. The most comprehensive method is to make a website and target it locally in any part or any country of the earth.

Sullair, which is a leading company for compressed air solutions faced difficulty while projecting its business in the USA, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Managing the business in a different location was difficult.

The demand by SULLAIR was to make a robust website that can handle business at all the mentioned location by fixing all website issues and ease to manage the content.


The Solution

Zrix redeveloped SULLAIR’s site using Drupal and connected each location-based site to a single site. The major task was migrating the content while they were running the website globally.

However, we did it, and the website now is an example of a unified structure allowing Sullair to run sites of different themes and content. Additionally, it has access to different users in different countries from the same source code.

Website Features

The website is an example of many customized features which are essential for its success.

  • Multisite Environment: We deployed multiple sites on single CMS, i.e. Drupal and unified the whole network.
  • Information Architecture: We redeveloped Sullair’s content structure and layout.
  • Multiple Users: The website allows users at different levels and let the editors change the part of the sites.
  • Multilingual Visitors: The site is adaptive to any location and language while being sensitive to regional visitors.

The website is now rich in an informative blog, products, services, news section and a search bar for the local visitors.

If you have any queries related to SULLAIR, feel free to contact us.

Main Features

The Sullair website contains countless customized features. Below are a list of features that were particularly important to the success of the platform.
  • Multi-Site Environment

    We deployed multiple sites on a single CMS installation to unify the network.
  • Multiple levels of users

    Admins can allow editors to change select parts of the site.
  • Information Architecture

    We worked with Sullair to build a clear plan for content structure and layout.
  • Multilingual Structure

    The site language is sensitive to regional visitors.

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