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Vance-Granville Community College

Vance Granville Cmswebsite

The Problem

VGCC is one of the 58 institutions in the North Carolina Community College System. Established in 1969, it offers more than 40 educational programs towards a degree, certificates, and diplomas.

The website receives hundreds of queries and questionnaires each day, thus keeping the site busy 24x7. In September 2014, VGCC decided to rebuild the website with a new theme, design, and CMS.

The main hurdle of the project was its content, whose migration from a cold-dead fusion framework to a new sunny structure was at the highest difficulty level.

The second problem was addressing the ever-growing mobile market. VGCC needed the best web services to spread the web awareness of the website on different devices and platforms.

While searching deep in the web market, the community college landed to Zrix and got all the problems addressed in a single shot.


The Solution

Redesigning the website of Granville college was huge primarily due to its need for bytes of content migration. However, we successfully solved it with Drupal development and handled their content-rich site by adding functionalities and extra features.

A random combination of HTML and external databases allowed data migration in ease to function correctly. We exported all older content and combined it in a unified database for its use on a new website.

Additionally, we focussed on its future expansion and responsive design to address all kinds of devices running on different platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS, Ubuntu, etc.

As compared to other websites, VGCC website was far behind the modern age looking portals. But, we took care of its color combination, and user interface such that it now seems a competitive website of modern web age.

Website Features

  • Responsive Web Design: The website runs on all platforms and is compatible with all screen sizes.
  • Easy Content Migration: We interfaced the old content and old database, unified it in one structure and moved it to a new website using DRUPAL.
  • Multiple Level of Users: Admins can allow the editors to change selected parts of the website. Moreover, departments can schedule and enable users to sign up for a query section, classes, etc.
  • Ease of Integration: The website has scope for online content selling and online payment with plug-in integrations.
  • Expandability: Drupal’s flexible and scalable feature will help the website in the future for more customization.
  • Information Architecture: We worked with VGCC to develop a clear plan on the structure of web content and layout.

The Result

We migrated the entire old website to Drupal CMS using our Drupal Web Services on a newly dedicated hosting panel. Now the site is more interactive, user-friendly and is easy to access with new functionalities and features.

Main Features

The VGCC website contains countless customized features. Below are a list of features that were particularly important to the success of the platform.

  • Responsive Web Design

    The VGCC site is compatible with all devices and screen sizes.

  • Multiple levels of users

    Admins can allow editors to change select parts of the site.

  • Information Architecture

    We worked with VGCC to build a clear plan for content structure and layout.

  • Content migration

    We interfaced with old databases to move content to the new site.

  • Registration system

    Departments can schedule and allow users to sign up for classes.

  • Expandability

    Admins can customize and change core aspects of the site to expand into the future.

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