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Benefits of Using Joomla CMS For The Website Development

Joomla CMS for Website Development

Created in 2003 as a CMS (Content Management System), Joomla currently has 3 million websites running on it which is quite a big feat. Joomla is a very popular CMS and is considered as the world’s most popular CMS after WordPress.

Joomla websites give freedom to create attractively and feature enriched sites that range from business to personal.

There are several benefits of opting Joomla such as page caching, RSS feeds, printable versions of pages, Google ReCAPTCHA, composer integration, multilingual support, and attractive blog themes.

But, are these the only few benefits of Joomla CMS for which a CMS website development company in USA uses it? Most certainly not!

There are several other more other CMS websites but, Joomla CMS holds a special place in the website development business because of the following 5 critical features:

Publishing Blogs Via Joomla CMS Is As Simple As Switching TV Channels!

If you fear that your knowledge of CSS, PHP or HTML is not extensive enough to publish a blog using a CMS builder, then Joomla CMS is your go-to hand for creating websites.

It’s simple and easy to use, and once you get the hang of it, then the only thing you would like to do is uploading a blog every hour by hitting copy paste and publish button.

Open Source Infrastructure

CMS developers always fall in love with open source code, not only developers but designers and programmers also get attracted to open codes.

"PHP is the king of all open source web scripting languages."

In fact, the popularity of PHP Joomla CMS led even biggies like Citibank and Harvard University to use open-source coding.

Joomla CMS is a blend of MySQL for data storage and PHP as a web language. This combination is much easier for the developers across the globe to create different extensions for Joomla for supporting the CMS itself.

Scalable and Flexible

With over 8000 Joomla CMS extensions, it just has no limit on how functional and interactive a website can become? For those who want to add various social media widgets onto their attractive websites, they have to take no pain at all.

It is simple to integrate social networking as you have an extension for that! Moreover, you can create several customizable forms to get consumer feedback.

Joomla CMS extensions are divided into 33 different categories like communication, marketing, editing, social, site management, languages, and living. Each extension has ratings out of 5 stars and indicates precisely how useful or useless it is for users?

Additionally, there are review categories that include functionality, ease of use, support, documentation, etc. which is one of the best benefits of this Joomla CMS.

Content Management Is FUN

The primary function of Joomla is managing content. Unlike in other CMSes, Joomla CMS easily manage users as it gives different permission levels quickly without switching the tabs.

Furthermore, creating a new website in a hierarchical order is extremely easy with Joomla CMS as you can create and access the site in a streamlined, like website > blogs > SEO articles > 2015 >What are the importance of SEO?

You don't need any kind of coding experience to create your website in an orderly fashion, and Joomla CMS easily helps you with this order.

E-commerce Business Is Easy with Joomla

If you’re a CMS development company in USA making e-commerce websites, then Joomla CMS is the right CMS website services that you can provide to your customers and clients.

Joomla has user-friendly e-commerce components created to easily manage your products, without having any problems. The 3rd party components like Virtuemart, PayPal and Google Checkout are easily integrable with Joomla CMS.

These components ideally suit a website development company that works for increasing business presence online.

A Strong User Community

Joomla has a community of over 200 000 users always ready to solve your every problem related to Loopholes, security concerns, updates, software bugs, etc.

In fact, the community has a high number of developers, designers whose presence ensures the Joomla users that Joolma will get updated on time.

"SEO friendly nature and functionality of Joomla is one important advantage why you must use this extensive, and feature enriched Joomla CMS."

If that’s not enough for you to use Joomla CMS by yourselves, then hire dedicated developers of Joomla CMS to develop a website according to your needs.