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Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Human Intelligence?

artificial intelligence replace human intelligence

Artificial Intelligence(AI), a modern approach, a new science making machines smarter via the combination of Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Data Science algorithms to help the machines learn themselves with human-like intelligence.

Technologies like Neural Networks, Natural Language Processing, Robotics Processing, Cognitive Service, Mixed Realities (AR/VR), etc. make machines more intelligent. As a result, machines systems make decisions as we do in our daily lives. This decision-making system in the machine is increasing debates like Human Intelligence vs Artificial Intelligence!

To give a good view of this heated debate to you, we today will discuss on advantages of artificial intelligence, the importance of human intelligence, and the risks of artificial intelligence to humans and their daily lives.

Let’s start!

Movie Fictions like Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator, Will Smith’s I, Robot, Tom Cruise’s Oblivion, and Edge of Tomorrow teach us that sooner or later humans dependency on AI will increase than on human intelligence.

The west, especially Hollywood, sees machines thinking and acting like humans to real-world facts. Robots, Bots, Humanoids, Digital Humans, Star Childs, etc. are some examples from the movies and YouTube Clips that coordinate with our appearance in many ways.

Most of you now know that this is not a fiction anymore. It is now a reality! Do you know Sophia?

sophia humanoid robot

Sophia is a social humanoid robot developed by Hanson Robotic, a company in HongKong. Sophia can do everything that you do in your life. Also, she can answer any question of yours.

“As a robot, Sophia is now an official citizen of Dubai.”

Go check out her interview from her first public appearance in March 2016, Texas, USA!

Artificial Intelligence Vs Human Intelligence (AI vs HI)

Today many AI-driven applications have fast execution speed, higher operational abilities, smart working capability, and better accuracy in decision making as compared to humans.

We know that Human Intelligence is by adaptive learning and personal experience, it is not dependent on data, pre-fed data. But AI requires pre-fed data!

It is true that to hardware and software of a machine, or a robot, our human memory, computing power of the brain, and the entire body structure seems insignificant.

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The only reason is that we these advanced machines, systems, and robots as aliens and instinctively start fearing them as we fear lion in the Jungle. This alien thought in our mind depletes our own God-gifted human intelligence and let the machines take over us!

This is what we have been receiving from Hollywood movies like Terminators that in human intelligence vs artificial intelligence, more chances are of AI taking over us.

But, as an industry expert, we would say that our brains are more complex, sophisticated, and has in-depth layers that machines cannot beat shortly, at least not for the next 35 years!

Will Machines Replace Humans?

Let’s get back to the debate of Artificial Intelligence Vs Human Intelligence. Recent AI achievements are imitating human intelligence closely but can't go beyond human brains.

Our brains acquire knowledge with a sense of understanding, logic, learning, reasoning, and experience. The way we feel everything, most importantly, the emotions makes us different from the digital machines, robotics, AI technologies, and more.

Your brain and heart make the importance of human intelligence above AI. 

However, with the growth of AI, the risks of artificial intelligence are increasing as we aren’t able to use our brains and hearts at their full capacity.

Though machines mimic human behavior, the capacity to make rational decisions in them is still lacking. Machines need a next-level evolution where they must process ‘common sense’.

This evolution will take years because common sense varies per human! That means AI systems don’t understand ‘cause’ and ‘effect’. While we humans do everything based on cause and effect though our decisions benefit certain sections of human society.

Yes, AI did indeed make our jobs easy, but there have been many failures too such as;

  •  Uber self-driving car killing a pedestrian
  •  IBM’s Watson Supercomputer called unsafe and incorrect in the cancer treatments
  •  AI-enabled facial recognition systems acted biased towards colored skin tones by identifying innocent people as criminals.

All these disasters tell us to improve AI’s ability by improvising AI-technology with proper algorithms and data. Otherwise, AI will not be able to coexist with our ethics, morals, and efficiencies.

“We have many types of human intelligence like ethics, morals, efficiencies, intuitions, instincts, reflexes, accuracy, precision, timing, quality judgment, sense of understanding, logic, learning, reasoning, and experience, emotions, and more.”

Human Intelligence Is Infinite

If AI needs to become equal to HI, advanced technologies must know to process different types of human intelligence. For this, AI uses its subset - Deep learning (DL).

DL works upon the concept of Neural Networks similar to the human reflexive and nervous system, brain. Machines and robots are being taught to apply intelligence and knowledge in real-world scenarios.

As the learning progresses, machines will start adopting humanness, and one day AI will find a way to match the frequency of our minds. Right now, the HI is irreplaceable by the AI.

artificial intelligence vs Human Intelligence

Will AI Take Over Jobs?

Artificial intelligence is taking over the world by storms. Take the latest example of COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic;

There is few custom software development solutions company in USA which are using their AI development services to predict virus in a human body, to find vaccine combinations, to help people in virus treatment, and much more.

All these things are the responsibility of a healthcare worker; however, AI is helping because they can do work fast and assist humans fast. If AI learns to work better, then job loss due to AI will increase.

AI and robotics are replacing jobs in accounting, banking, sales; thus, increasing unemployment grows significantly. The impact of artificial intelligence on AI will result in widespread job loss in every sector!

“According to the stats and reports on the internet, 47% of American jobs are at high risk by the mid-2030s due to automation.”

Though it is said that AI and automation will replace jobs, World Economic Forum says that the advantages of artificial intelligence will double the job generation by the end of 2022!

What are your thoughts? Is AI going to a job killer? Will AI take over the jobs you do? Is losing a job is one of the risks of artificial intelligence in our lives?

Do mention your answers in our comment section!


Currently, AI is in its development stage, the humans are governing AI with all needed safety measures. But, we can’t tell you the future?

The 21st century is undergoing tremendous rapid changes. While the utilization of AI is making our lives easier, AI is learning more about humans and their skill sets. 

Humans and the computer workforce processing together, working efficiently, and accurately for the benefit of humankind seems a good artificial intelligence future.

But, will it be possible or not is yet to be known!

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Waiting for your responses!