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Best 7 eCommerce Open-source CMS Platforms

open-source for eCommerce

You must probably have seen eCommerce open-source CMS platforms in the website development industry. As the name suggests, CMS stands for the content management system, i.e., building websites that entirely focuses on content.

Many website builders use website building platforms that are open-source for eCommerce business websites. Furthermore, there is the top eCommerce development company in USA that uses eCommerce open-source platforms like Magento and WordPress.

Are you looking for ways to create your own online shopping website for becoming a successful businessman?

Then here we have some of the best eCommerce open-source solutions that can be deployed on any operating system at your desktops and laptops.

The below-mentioned eCommerce open-source solutions can tailor the best online shopping website with essential features like product management, inventory management,  cart management, listing and wishlisting, checkout, payment solution, etc.

As this article is in-depth, we insist you note down all the likable details related to the mentioned open-source eCommerce CMS platforms.

Let’s now list all the eCommerce open-source CMS platforms in a particular order


OpenCart is the most popular PHP-based eCommerce website development platform on which you can do any small-scale or large-scale eCommerce project while experiencing it better.

OpenCart is a unique eCommerce open-source platform that is actively maintained by its developer’s community. Also, it provides a lot of extensions while baking essential features in it.

Also, it supports the one-click installation. As a result, most of the OpenCart users term it as the best modern open-source eCommerce platform built upon PHP framework.


It is a free open-source eCommerce platform built upon the ASP.NET Core framework. Its Dashboard and Admin Panel’s user interface (UI) is smooth, simple, and clean to use.

For example, it resembles all the features of WooCommerce and also has similarities with the OpenCart eCommerce solutions. Furthermore, it has got all the essential features to manage every section of the eCommerce website.

Additionally, its feature to offer responsive design is the cherry on the cake!

In case if you feel features aren’t enough, then nopCommerce gives you access to an official marketplace from where you can get support themes, extensions, etc. nopCommerce is available in both premium and the freemium model.

You can download the nopCommerce package and start making an attractive and effective website for your online shopping business.


PrestaShop is one more open-source eCommerce platform that you can’t ignore while making a decision to choose the best eCommerce CMS platform.

This is also an actively maintained eCommerce website builder that can offer you an ample amount of themes and extensions to make an attractive and interactive website.

As like in the OpenCart eCommerce solution, you will not get one-click based hosting services, and installation package. Don’t forget to download it from the official website of PrestaShop.

All these three eCommerce open-source platforms are the top three out of the listed 7 eCommerce CMS platforms and are commonly used by the top custom eCommerce development companies in USA.


It is impossible to not talk about WordPress eCommerce development services - WooCommerce. Like Magento’s eCommerce services, WordPress also provides good shopping portal online services.

Technically speaking, you use WordPress as that platform on which the eCommerce service - WooCommerce is made and is offering plugin/extensions to give your website the best features it can ever get.

Potentially, there are a lot of users of WordPress; this why it will be easy to learn, create, and publish an eCommerce website using WooCommerce.

If you don’t have any problem while making use of WordPress, then use the WooCommerce as it is the most reliable, flexible, and scalable online shopping website builder that supports many plugins, APIs, and extensions to make a fully functional website.

Also, WooCommerce offers great design themes and layouts which are worth checking!


Though ZenCart is not anymore a modern eCommerce website builder platform, it is one of the best open-source solutions. It is true that it offers old templates, design layouts, etc.

However, if you are a fan of old looking HTML-based designs, and want to implement it in the eCommerce website, then you must try ZenCart!

We would surely recommend you ZenCart eCommerce platform but only on a trial purpose. If you like it, then feel free to use it!


Drupal is yet another flexible, scalable, and robust open-source CMS platform that can create a suitable and attractive eCommerce website.

Drupal provides you with Drupal Commerce solutions that lists you different modules, themes, and extensions for creating a far better eCommerce website as compared to the above open-source eCommerce platforms.

Drupal CMS can easily carry out any large scale, commercial based eCommerce solutions. Install the Drupal on any operating system at any web server and see how does it go!


Did you ever hear about Adobe? Yes the Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Video Manager, etc.

Like these Adobe has its own open-source CMS called Magento which is majorly used in designing and developing eCommerce websites. In Magento’s support, we would say that it is potentially better than WordPress’s WooCommerce solutions.

By using a top Magento web development company in USA, you can make a fully-featured e-commerce application with advanced customizations.

Magento is also considered as the best #1 eCommerce website builder and we would recommend you to go and try it for once!


In this article, we discussed many open-source eCommerce platforms and also recommended a few for your future eCommerce website development project.

However, if you think we have missed any new open-source eCommerce platform, then don’t forget to mention it in the comment section below.

Additionally, you can share your experience and thoughts about the usage of any of the above-mentioned eCommerce platforms.

We would be gladly waiting for your responses on our website!