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The Key Features of Yoga App Development

Features of Yoga App Development

Around 300 million people worldwide practice yoga. To make their yoga life activities regular, many prevailing businesses and mobile apps have come into ideation.

As it effectively maintains your health and takes less time its popularity has crossed the continents. Furthermore, the combination of technology and yoga today is resulting in the development of top Yoga Apps.

Also, smartphones easily let people lookout for the best possible IT solutions that help them establish a better opportunity in the yoga network.

Here, in this blog post, you are going to learn about the cost and features of meditation and yoga app development!

As the popularity of yoga and meditation app development has increased in the past few years, the number of YOGIs has increased up to 30% within 5 years.

Therefore, the concept of yoga is evolving in both, physical and spiritual domains. With the aid of new meditation and yoga mobile app ideas, people are able to practice the right postures and assans.

The yoga practices are 5,000-year-old and cannot be overemphasized and smartphone applications are promoting these good habits for your day-to-day life.

"There are many popular yoga applications and meditation app ideas like Calm, Yoga Down Dog, Breethe, Yoga Go, and many more."

How to Make A Meditation App and a Yoga App?

The audience and the users of these apps are those who really want to make themselves healthy. Capturing the audience for your developed yoga app is dependent on the type of yoga you teach them.

People aged between 20 to 45 is your major audience. Between men and women, women are the one who vigorously practices yoga. An average mobile application user who has the will to keep himself/herself healthy is your target.

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What Are the Key Features of Meditation and Yoga App?

Your yoga application is divided into 4 different user parts. First is the User (Yoga practitioners), second Yoga Teacher, third Admin (Yoga app management), and fourth Some extra advanced features!

Below are the top features of meditation and Yoga mobile app that a leading mobile app development service provider implement while in the design and development phase:

User Panel Features: Registration, Yoga Session Manager, Yoga Event Manager, Profile Manager, Yoga eStore, Meditation app timer, and Push Notifications.

Yoga Teacher Panel: Registration, Teacher Session Manager, Offer Management, Payment Monitoring, Calendar Management, Launch Programs & Events, Manager Substitution, Substitute Selection, Profile Manager, and Push Notification.

Admin Panel: Login, Dashboard, Manage Student/teacher/organizer, Manage Sessions, Manage Payments, Manage Categories, Manage Offers, Manage Events, Manage Ticket/types, Manage Store, Manage Content/Blogs, Manager Substitution, and Reporting System.

Advanced Features: Social Login, Blogs, Review & Ratings, Push Notification, BMI/BMR Calculator, Voice Instruction, PPL Forums, Chat with Coach, Yoga Music Streaming, Video Lesson Streaming, Live Video Streaming, eCommerce, Shipment Tracking, CMS Integration, CRM Integration, Marketing Tool, and Leaderboard.

Required Tech Stack for Yoga App Development!

  •  Hosting – Everdata Technologies
  •  Content delivery network – Cloudflare/Amazon CloudFront
  •  Payments Options – Google Pay & PayPal, Netbanking, eWallets
  •  Database Technologies – MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, Postgress
  •  Cloud Platforms – AWS, Google, Azure
  •  Cloud Platforms – AWS, Google, Azure
  •  Push Notifications – Twilio,, Firebase
  •  SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification system
  •  Streaming Media System
  •  Email – Mail Chimp Integration
  •  Caching– Hazelcast
  •  Code Repository– Git Hub
  •  Real-time Analytics – Hadoop & Apache
  •  Map Navigation – Google Map
  •  UI– ReactJS, BootStrapJS
  •  Messaging queues: AWS

Developing a customized yoga mobile app is a scary undertaking that requires the right arrangement of experts with praiseworthy aptitude.

Consequently, reach out to a reputed healthcare mobile app developers that utilizes a team of keen technicians that attention to giving you an on-schedule and objective-based delivery.

Here is the list of the following expert professionals that you will need in the yoga mobile app as follows: Project Manager, Android App Developer, iOS Mobile App Developers, UI/UX Designers, Backend Developers, and Testers & QA Analyst.

What is the Cost to Develop A Yoga App?

All things considered, the response to this isn't extremely direct. The cost of developing a yoga app is relative to the number and kind of features consolidated, size of the app, scalability of the design, and the picked mobile platform.

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Aside from that, the cost likewise relies on the location of the development accomplice. Each nation is diverse workplace prices and the general cost of Yoga app development likewise varies.

For example,

  • US-based developers: – $50 to $250 each hour
  • Eastern-Europe based developers: – $20 to $150 each hour
  • Western Europe Developers – 30 to $175 each hour
  • India-based developers: – $10 to $80 each hour

With regards to Yoga app development cost, the significant factors to consider are the development location, the selection of platforms like iOS or Android, functionalities, features, UX and UI design, and so on.

Thinking about every one of them, first, making an MVP App would cost between $15,000 to $35000.

Later on, if you are anticipating developing a yoga mobile app with cutting-edge features then the development cost of your yoga app can rise and the gauge would resemble $75000 to $200000.

But, we easily provide meditation and yoga app development services at very affordable rates. You just have to contact us!