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PHP Vs ASP.NET: How to Choose the Right framework?


You will find many articles and blog posts related to the differences between PHP & ASP .NET comparison for being the best framework in web development. However, those posts don’t tell you more information, as a result, you couldn’t pick the best of them!

But today, in this blog post, we have made an overall comparison of PHP vs ASP.NET performance. A complete unbiased point-to-point comparison detailing out everything about both.

We neither doubt about their usage nor we dismiss the fact that both have developed great websites, implemented great concepts in databases, and have become very successful ventures. Undoubtedly, they are the best but, people fail to pick the one: PHP or ASP .NET! 

But, don’t worry this article will help you and clear your doubts on PHP and ASP .NET. Let’s Start - 

ASP.Net helps in making web applications. It is a product from Microsoft’s Active Server Pages that is run by the support of .net programming language. 

Though PHP is also used to develop web applications, it is a  general-purpose server-side scripting language that is further expandable as Hypertext Preprocessor.

If PHP is the world’s most widely used and popular technology, then ASP.NET is a top Microsoft platform.

"You can purchase ASP.Net as a paid licensed product to develop large-sized enterprise based applications. But, the PHP framework is available for free and is mainly used to develop small medium-sized web applications."

PHP vs ASP.NET: Which Is Better For Development?

This is one question that is always fresh for any beginner in the web application development industry. Though you can easily get the answer to this question from the website of any best dot net software development company in USA, remember that

Your needs in the project decide whether you want to use Zend framework PHP or the framework. Which is better for development?

Both PHP and ASP.NET UI framework - open source but PHP is free to use but ASP.Net is paid. Both act as a mix between the programming language and application development framework.

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Now is the time to find out the differences between PHP and DotNet based on the 8 most important parameters of PHP vs ASP.NET security, type, support, cost, solutions, community, speed, customization, etc.

PHP vs ASP.NET: Which Is Better For Development

What Are The Key Differences Between ASP.NET and PHP?

We have understood a lot about PHP and ASP.NET. it’s time to learn the differences little bit in brief - 

  • PHP is a free server-side scripting language, but ASP.NET is a paid Microsoft platform.
  • ASP.NET makes large applications but the PHP makes small and medium applications.
  • The ASP.NET is smaller than the PHP community of developers.
  • ASP.NET can fastly create desktop applications but PHP creates slowly.
  • While the PHP's major focus is ion UI -user interfaces, ASP.NET keeps security and functionality as a top priority.
  • ASP.NET framework informs the developers if they made any mistake in coding before compiling, thus more secure and less prone to bugs whereas PHP has no such option of letting the developer know about bad code in a pre-compiled stage.
  • ASP.NET can be quite a challenge to learn and understand for a beginner and takes time to master whereas PHP being a scripting language is easier to learn and understand.
  • ASP.NET has a license cost associated with it whereas PHP is open source and freely available.
  • ASP.NET does not allow any irregularities while still being able to run whereas PHP is highly customizable, hence more prone to bugs, although web scripts can be written efficiently with it.

ASP Core vs PHP: A Comprehensive Comparison Guide

From our comparison charts and key differences, we have come to know that PHP, the world’s popular and widely used language assist the developers in making a lot of applications on the internet. 

It has a large community where you can freely ask your doubts about PHP. Aren’t you interested now to hire dedicated PHP developers in USA? Contact Zrix!

Due to its easy learning, a developer starts working with PHP in very little time but to learn ASP .NET you need more time and money as it isn’t free. 

The ASP .NET framework is a straight application framework, but PHP is the mix between programming language and frameworks.

ASP.NET framework consists of the most important libraries whose most of the libraries come up with the features that easily allow developers to create a good business website. 

According to Statista - 

“A programmer can write code in any language like C#, VB, and F# within the ASP.NET ecosystem. But programmer lacks the option to write code in PHP, this makes it completely customizable.”

It means with PHP in your hands, you can write applications in a very flexible manner simply by choosing a web framework of PHP!

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In ASP.NET vs PHP, both can develop good web applications depending upon your needs, are efficient, have multiple features, functionalities, and suits to your taste.

Both have their own pros and cons, but one major difference is crystal clear that ASP .NET makes large applications while PHP makes small and medium applications.

Wrapping Up

I hope all the above parameters which we have discussed on both web application development frameworks are clear to you. And you can choose the best one as per your requirements. 

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Mention your comments and tell us how do you think about the PHP vs ASP .NET services!