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Electronic Data Interchange(EDI)

We have experience integrating and maintaining EDI solutions for a variety of clients in many different industry sectors to help them address various business processes and industry challenges. As a result, our clients have been able to significantly improve efficiency and accuracy, speed up processing, reduce manpower by 50%, and minimize costs.

Whether you are looking at EDI for the first time or need to expand your company’s current EDI infrastructure, we can help you implement and maintain an EDI solution that will suit your business needs, technical capabilities and budget.

Healthcare: A Critical Part of Today's Healthcare Industry

EDI is used in many different industries, however, one industry where EDI plays a critical role is in healthcare.

The healthcare industry has been increasingly digitized, where data is transferred electronically rather than on paper. In order to deal with security and privacy issues, EDI standards in the healthcare industry are mandated by HIPAA for transferring patient data electronically from one computer to another.

Specifically, the EDI rule states that any covered entity that transmits health data electronically in connection with the defined transactions must comply with HIPAA standards for that transaction. Electronic transactions covered under the HIPAA EDI rule are health care claims, payment, claim status, eligibility, referral certification, health plan premium payments, and coordination of benefits.

EDI integration provides uniform standards across the healthcare industry for submitting, processing, and paying claims. The goal of the standard format is to reduce the hundreds of healthcare data formats to a single

Benefits of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Faster Processing

Send and receive business transactions in minutes not days.

Increase Accuracy

Reduce or eliminate manual data-entry errors.

Increase Efficiency

Increase productivity without hiring more staff.

Avoid Penalties & Fines

Avoid penalties and fines associated with HIPAA violations.

Save Money

Reduce the costs associated with manual data-entry efforts.

Why Choose Us As Your EDI Provider?

If you are a supplier, distributor or vendor looking for the best EDI service provider, then look no further.

When you choose CMS as your EDI provider, you get more than just a user-friendly and intuitive EDI that meets all your needs. Needs like meeting compliance standards and/or regulations in your industry, satisfying your trading partners preferred method of communication and replacing manual processes with automated systems to boost productivity and efficiency.

When you make us your preferred EDI vendor, you also get the type of service and support that ensures your EDI solution is highly accessible, elastic, and reliable.

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