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MyPatientReminders have over 25 years of experience, training and supporting innovative healthcare technology. In addition to EHR, MyPatientReminder offers EHR (Electronic Health Record) software. They simplify the communication between healthcare providers and their patients.

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MyPatientReminders Software Problem

MyPatientReminders understands the importance of handling patient data and appointments efficiently. They provide EHR services to their clients and strive to make our software dynamic and quick to start. Their goal is to send patient appointment reminders via SMS or notifications, while also analyzing patient diagnosis and diseases in their data. This aspect poses a challenge in our development process. Furthermore, they aim to showcase their services on the website in an informative way to attract more clients.

MyPatientReminders Software Solution

We developed a website using .NET. We rely on NuGet to handle third-party libraries and ensure compatibility with their application’s .NET version. It's important to keep packages updated to take advantage of bug fixes and new features. Regularly refining code helps with readability, maintainability, and following best practices. Tools such as ReSharper can be helpful in identifying and executing refactoring tasks. We work with ASP.NET Core, which is cross-platform, enabling your application to operate on Windows, Linux, and macOS. Load balancer tools like Azure App Configuration or ASP.NET Core Configuration are part of our toolkit. Additionally, we make use of concurrent collections for secure data access.


MyPatientReminders Software Features

Text Appointment Reminders: Engineered to save time and eliminate missed appointments, our (SMS) text reminder service is configurable by the client to ensure the messages are unique to that practice, surgical centre or hospital. .

On Demand Communication: Our clients are able to select a patient and instantly create a custom text message. Gone are the days of having to phone patients in order to schedule a test, procedure or request payment.

Patient Surveys: So what do patients really think about the care and services provided by your team? With patient surveys, they are in control and will be alerted if any patient responds with a survey that falls below the practice standard.

Telehealth Appt Reminders: We offer automated appointment reminders specifically designed to confirm and deploy Telehealth visits. With the demand for telehealth getting bigger each day, our services ensure your patients are confirmed and ready for each visit .

MyPatientReminders Software Result

These software models assist in accessing medical reports and managing user’s medical history. Our software collects and maintains patient reports efficiently. At Zrix, we consistently deliver top-quality software that is user-friendly, enabling clients to manage their systems with ease. If you're seeking the best software solutions, contact ZRIX.

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