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How AI is Revolutionizing the Fitness Industry

AI Revolutionizing the Fitness Industry

“Health is wealth!” We have known this saying for hundreds of decades. But, only 20 to 30% of the world actually have a healthy routine, and the remaining 70% don’t even do any physical activity, other than walking. In fact, adults don’t pay any attention to their fitness and get health issues at an early age. Despite these, the past few months saw people turning to their fitness and wellness. Certainly, it’s due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus!

Today in this article, we tell you how in these critical COVID-19 times, technology like AI is helping the people to remain fit, healthy? How AI helps the fitness industry growth? How AI in the fitness industry is making gradual changes in our lifestyle? How the apps, healthcare software, gadgets, and wearables are increasing health and fitness business opportunities?

Most importantly, What is the future of fitness centers and gyms with new AI fitness coach?

From our studies on technological changes of the last few years, it is evident that Artificial Intelligence and its subsets like ML (Machine Learning), Computer Vision, AR/VR (Mixed Realities), NLP (Natural Language Processing), Big Data, etc. are shaping the health and fitness industry.

These technologies are making our fitness industry modern with the usage of fitness machines, mobile applications, gadgets, wearables, and the best custom healthcare software development so that people can stay fit and healthy.

Also, some smart wearable devices like Apple Watch, Fitbit, etc. helps you in tracking your fitness. Not only this, but the AI personal trainer, AI fitness apps are guiding people for their health.

“Research by Research N Reports reveals that the global fitness technology market is ready to grow to $62.1 billion by 2025 that was $17.9 billion in 2019.”

Yes, AI is revolutionizing the fitness industry and is making fitness equipment smarter for an easy home workout!

Maybe you aren’t realizing it now but AI is assisting people to change their day-to-day habits and is getting deeper and deeper into our lifestyles.

Let’s check what are the new trends from AI and machine learning in the fitness industry!

Quantifying everything in the world isn’t possible. But, the things that can’t be quantified are easy to predict using data analytics. And fitness is one such quantifiable element via the AI.

The applications of artificial intelligence in the fitness industry has brought significant changes and positive impact in recent years, especially in developed nations like America.

Now, these AI-based fitness industry trends are spreading worldwide, though it's slow, is increasing gradually. Below are some of the AI trends in the fitness industry that promises to make your lifestyle easy, fit, and healthy:

AI Fitness App or AI Training Apps

We are used to a fast-paced and hectic lifestyle with no time to hit a gym or home workout. If you hire a personal trainer, then it costs you a lot. Moreover, it is not easy for everyone to hire a personal fitness trainer.

But, AI is now giving you a chance to download fitness applications on your smartphone, set your fitness goals, get an affordable premium plan, and work out anywhere, either at home or in the garden watching your trainers’ exercise videos.

What more excites us to use these apps is that they have inbuilt AI personal trainers in them. These trainers act like human trainers, guide you with the right postures, and keep giving you one-on-one feedback about your fitness.

Thus, AI-powered fitness applications give you personalized fitness and lifestyle plans considering your eating habits, fitness goals, current fitness level, and other data.

Such AI training apps are really on the road to revolutionize the fitness industry business!

Smarter Wearable and Other Exercise Equipment

As mobile applications, artificial intelligence-based wearable devices work more smartly by collecting your health data like heartbeats, pulse rate, diabetes signatures, etc.

Also, they track the exercise you do, the time you take, the calories you burn, and food requirements you want to perform better the next day.

Tech giant companies like Apple, Google, and Android are busy in making their wearables that can virtually assist its users based upon health data collection.

Even more, AI is modernizing the exercise equipment and fitness machines so that users can use them more efficiently maintaining their fitness.

Furthermore, there are wearable devices that use your smartphone and some AI-based fitness apps! We call such apps wearable apps. Developing such apps is said to be a good business.

What are you waiting for? Get to a top wearable app development service provider in USA and create your own app for business purposes!

AI Fitness Coaching to Increase Performance

Especially for amateurs, those AI-primarily based totally programs may be of incredible help!

As formerly mentioned, groups are growing apps with the intention to be capable of offering you with real-time, customized commands that use synthetic intelligence. There are many groups that can be growing sensors that may be positioned on your exercise garments to reveal your movements.

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Based on what it senses, it may ship out extraordinarily customized commands approximately the way to flow your body. In fact, they're additionally operating with many garb producers to embed those sensors into branded garments.

Currently, it really works best for yoga, however, quickly enough, it's going to unfold to different sports activities too. This is where the AI fitness coach can help you a lot!

What Are Some More Applications of AI in Fitness?

We have already learned that artificial intelligence can be used to collect fitness data, healthcare devices, wearable gadgets, mobile applications, AI fitness coach, personal trainers, etc. but there are more applications of AI in the fitness industry.

Some of them are as follows:

  • AI-based wristbands
  • AI-driven applications to plan your diet
  • AI-based footwears
  • Smart gym assistants and fitness digital centers
  • AI-powered yoga suits

We feel that these applications of AI are yet to come and might open business opportunities for the young entrepreneurs. If You believe in artificial intelligence, then reach out to CMS Website Services, a trusted and leading AI development company in USA.

We will share the complete business plan and help you to make the best AI-powered apps! We guarantee it because we have experience in developing hundreds of AI-based applications for startups and young enterprises.

AI Will Set Gym In Every Home!

From this blog post, we can conclude two major things - First, our lives are getting busier day by day. Second, in this busy life, we are unable to find the right time to exercise regularly.  Due to this, we have more health issues.

Some even have a bigger one like diabetes, cancer, and more!

However, AI is doing its best to solve this particular issue with the help of innovative gadgets and applications just to transform our fitness industry, make us more conscious and cautious.

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Those who are using AI-powered applications, AI personal assistants, AI fitness coaches, etc. know very well that the world is under transformation, so as fitness is!

Credit goes to the right usage of machine learning in the fitness industry.

What are your views on AI in the fitness industry and the transformations it is doing?

Contact us if you want to know more about AI and its revolution in the fitness industry!