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8 Artificial Intelligence Features Of Android App Development

Artificial Intelligence Features Of Android App Development

You must be thinking why I am saying this!

The artificial intelligence features have brought a new era with them in the IT & software industry and mobile application development has seen new executable features of artificial intelligence in the last couple of years.

For example,

In 2018, Google announced Google Duplex in an event called Google I/O. The Google Duplex is an AI-based technology, that makes calls to the businesses for booking appointments.

Android P brought AI, ML, AR experiences in the Pixel devices whose Beta version is available for the developers to build and implement new features in android app development.

“According to Statista, in USA alone, billions of dollars were spent on artificial intelligence (AI) to run business operations.”

The era of AI is now more functional in Android app building businesses and in the future we will more AI upgrades in the few next upcoming years.

Hence, in some top mobile app development services in USA, more focus is on putting AI experiences in the development of applications.

Everyday companies are introducing new features of artificial intelligence technologies and we have decided to make you understand all the changes. Therefore, let’s look at all AI features that are making the Android business of app development more successful.

Let’s have a look at each of them one by one!

Smart Reply

In Google I/O 2018, Google shared a new smarter GMAIL which is a new combination of mailing services integrated with AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning).

This AI functionality in the application development, whether it is for mobile, desktop, browsers, etc. is winning all the hearts of the people who use GMAIL worldwide. 

The smart reply feature in GMAIL saves a lot of time in mail-to-mail communication. On top of that, the business accounts in GMAIL with the smart reply feature can give better responses as core AI features in their Android applications.

Social media networking sites, Messaging apps, Business support forums, etc. use smart reply’s new features in the android app development industry.

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AI-powered Personalization

Did you ever give a thought upon NETFLIX? I mean what interests you about it?

Netflix brings you videos and web series based on your interests. This is something that happens on YouTube also. The integrated AI in both video streaming platforms predicts the analytics at your devices and suggests you the videos based upon your history of watching videos. 

“This data can shock you because the 80% videos watched on Netflix and YouTube is through personal recommendations.”

The AI-powered personalization is one of the latest features of Android that helps in improving the customer experiences while bridging the gap between application users and the application itself. 

The personalization feature in Android applications is not only limited to Netflix and YouTube but is also used by companies such as Facebook, Harley Davidson, Amazon, etc.

Speech Recognition

Speech recognition is considered one of the Android hidden features whose job is to decode the human speech into a textable readable language such that, it becomes easy for the computer to understand customers more properly via speech.

Reports from the reports of Business Insider Intelligence in 2018 suggest that recently in the healthcare industry, voice tech is being used to provide customers a better benefit for their health in less time.  

Not only this but Facebook has launched its own speech recognition system. There are many MNCs and big industries that are using speech recognition powered by artificial intelligence features to run their business applications more effectively!

These kinds of Android apps can make use of the Android app development features more prominently. For example, Registering an account, Filling in the details of a form, Various business app operations, Giving instructions to devices such as self-driving cars, smart home devices, etc.


Chatbots is the oldest technology and has been a new revolutionary term in businesses. It will not be wrong in calling chatbots is among the main features of Android applications.

Chatbots refers to those robots who are used for chatting purposes with the customers online. A communication with chatbots is a real-time experience for the customers.

“As per the reports of Conversational Commerce by Capgemini Report in 2018 tells us that 52% of consumers prefer communicating with a voice assistant of a website or an app.”

From a chatbot survey report of Minibrowser, eCommerce, Healthcare, and Insurance are the industries that benefit the most with the chatbots adoption.

Businesses and artificial intelligence development companies in USA are introducing new features in android app development and are likely to see profitable revenue in the coming years.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition or face identification has been using  AI and ML to create smart systems for scanning human faces.

There are many websites that use AI-powered face detection systems. Lenskart’s website is a great example that shows how easily you can check eye wears on your face.

Many Android apps use Face recognition features to create passwords. As a result, if you have to access apps then you, will have to scan your face, unlock the app, and then access it. 

Such face detection functionalities in the Android application help you imbibe the security aspects of the application the way iOS have been doing it.

In facial recognition, businesses have more opportunities. Thus, you can get many business benefits from AI-based face detection. There are many applications that use this face recognition related features of artificial intelligence technologies.

Enterprise business applications for employees, Snapchat, Facebook, Government application in USA, etc use face recognition.

Text Recognition

Text recognition is one more feature in the android app development industry that easily understands the text presented in the media files like images and videos.

Only a few gaming companies now have utilized these features of AI technologies for identifying texts from images & videos, in order to develop video transcription applications.

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Image Labeling

Another AI feature that is worth mentioning here is image labeling. Today, even smartphones are launched keeping the camera lovers in mind.

More added pixels attract customers who love to click pictures. The Image labeling feature in the Android application adds the label to the images stored by the applications. 

This fetches the images based on the labels added to them!

Hence, Android applications that deal with the Camera utilizes AI feature and enhance the customer experience just by making good use of AI technologies.

Landmark Detection

Landmark detection also uses artificial intelligence and detect landmarks in an image. Let’s suppose you have your business logo on the website and app, this AI feature scans all the landmarks in the image.

For example, the anime Avatar features a highly personalized cartoon image without compromising facial expressions, lip movements, and gestures.

Landmark detection is already present in the Google Maps application. However, you can create an Android application for your near local areas and can help travelers.

Final Conclusion!

It is true that technological changes are fulfilling all customer needs and making their experience more valuable. Compared to other operating systems, AI features more in Android applications and is giving a good rise in customer experience and brand recognition.

As a result, there are good opportunities and we as top mobile application development company in USA are always ready to develop technologically best Android apps. Thus, contact us soon, don’t forget to mention the comments below!