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Is Xamarin the Best Platform to Build Robust and Cost-effective Apps

best platform to build robust and cost-effective apps

Every business owner looks for flexible, scalable, cost-effective, attractive, and reliable platforms via which expanding business is easy. In today’s business scenarios we all prefer using mobile applications as developing them for Android and iOS takes less time and cost.

Previously, businesses were run on the websites, but now as half of the earth’s population is using smartphones, apps are a better source to drive the business towards customers.

Today, mobility is the highest priority for businesses and enterprises. That is why developing mobile applications is necessary as it contributes a lot to the branding of the organization.

Hence, we have decided to tell you about new technology in mobile application development, i.e., Xamarin!

We all know that the app development is of 4 types - Native, Hybrid, Cross-platform, and PWA (Progressive Web Application)!

Before the Cross-platform app development technologies, applications were made Natively for iOS and Android. Later on, as time progressed, hybrid and cross-platform became more popular.

Moreover, as the popularity of mobile applications is increasing over the websites, the focus on developing apps is exponentially inclining. It is because the applications run faster, provide better UX (user experience), and we can use them offline!

Although there are many cross-platform app development frameworks, we think Xamarin is the best one for iOS, Android, and Windows. Therefore, every leading mobile app development company in USA uses it in different ways to save development costs!

Let’s walk through the Xamarin framework, its features, benefits, development approach, and more to check if it is the best platform to build robust and cost-effective apps!

Introduction to Cross-platform App Development Framework - Xamarin!

Cross-platform mobile app development refers to creating mobile applications for multiple mobile operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows, and BlackBerry.

There are many Cross-platform app development technologies and frameworks like Qt, Phonegap, Ionic, React Native and more. However, Xamarin is the new technology in mobile application development. 

Xamarin is a top-class and rich-in features cross-platform framework, which is .NET based and brings .NET and C# to iOS and Android OS concurrently.

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A Xamarin developer can rapidly develop enterprise-based Android, iOS, tvOS, watchOS, macOS, and Windows mobile apps with Microsoft powered Xamarin app development cross-platform framework.

With excellent features such as project template libraries, code auto-completion, binary code output, and .NET + C# coding techniques in an IDE (Integrated Development Environment), Xamarin can make high-performing apps for Android and iOS.

Why Use Xamarin App Development Framework?

With the help of the Xamarin app framework, we can create all kinds of apps in any vertical, in any industry, and at any platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows. There are hundreds and thousands of companies that work on it and provide customers/clients with a fast performance application. 

“Some of the renowned companies who work in Xamarin cross-platform app development framework are Cognizant, LEAP, 3M, Bosch, Slack, Siemens, and Pinterest. These companies have their apps on Xamarin!”

Below are some top reasons why Xamarin is an ideal Cross-platform mobile app development solution:

  •  Open Source & offers many great C# libraries
  •  Power of C# on mobile devices
  •  Easy Native UI development with native UI controls
  •  MVVM pattern & Amazing support
  •  Code reusability: 70–80% of code across all major mobile platforms is same
  •  Delivers high performance and excellent UX
  •  No JavaScript and a fully compiled code
  •  Backed by Microsoft Team
  •  Offer seamless app designs with Xamarin.Forms
  •  Provides powerful Mono .NET framework
  •  A very cost-efficient and time-saving cross-platform framework
  •  Lesser scope for Errors
  •  Easy Maintenance & Easy to Learn
  •  Support SmartWatch apps, Wearable apps, Mac apps, TvOs apps, OpenGL games, SceneKit/SpriteKit/Metal games, and many more

Xamarin app development is an open-source, game-changing mobile application development framework which is now the first choice of every app-related business and enterprise.

Cost-effective App Development Approach of Xamarin!

There are two different methods of building a cross-platform mobile application by using Xamarin:

  • Xamarin Forms: Here, you have to design and develop your app one time. Later on, with some other minor code changes, the app is shared across all platforms.
  • Xamarin Native: In this approach, you design and develop separate mobile applications for different operating systems at a time. It is quite lengthy!

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Let’s take a brief look in Xamarin forms and Xamarin native mobile app development approach: 

xamarin forms vs xamarin native

How Much Xamarin App Development Cost?

To create a Xamarin app for your Android and iOS user, you need to invest money in hiring a mobile app development team. And whenever you hire a team, a question immediately pops up in your mind, i.e., “Will Xamarin prove to be a cost-effective app development?”

In the very first scene, it is practically impossible to write YES or NO as an answer because app development depends on several factors and client requirements and user needs. 

There are more than 10 million Xamarin app developers throughout the world. Thus, it means that you will definitely find a good team for your app development work.

“Basically, Xamarin IDE is free, but Xamarin Test Cloud is paid.”

If you are planning to hire dedicated developers in USA to create Xamarin apps, then you need to invest good money to achieve your business goals. Also, you can work as a developer in an app development company, learn the professional skills in Xamarin, and then create apps for your own business.

You can also hire app developers on hourly rates. The Xamarin app development cost of the developers at CMS Website Services is $20-30 per hour. Tell us about your requirements and get a profitable app from us for your business.


With no doubts, we can say that the Xamarin is a robust, cost-effective, and excellent powerful app development platform which easily supports Cross-platform app development technologies.

Due to so many good reasons, Xamarin is gaining popularity and more attention. Also, its usage is increasing because it saves time, cost, and overall maintenance. Furthermore, this app development technology delivers great performance and user experience.

Now, what are your thoughts on this app development framework? Do mention them in the comment section below. And if you have any doubts about the Xamarin app framework, then reach out to us!

We are the leading xamarin app development services company in USA always ready to answer your questions on Xamarin.