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Best Web Development IDEs For Web Developers

Best web development IDE

It feels good to be a web developer with good knowledge of web development languages. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or a professional web developer, web development always lets you learn new web technologies and web integrated development environment - IDE for web development.

All thanks to the boom in the number of internet users, unique online businesses are offering products and services to customers on their computer screens.


The rise in the web development market has increased the demand for web developers, tools, and web development company in USA. The modern and cutting-edge IDE software in the market is not only helping in web development but also in application development.


The IDEs listed in this article are useful for everyone because their unique features are making programming tasks simpler, easy, and quick. Let’s take a look at some of the best IDE for web development.

PhpStorm: Best IDE for JavaScript In Web Development

PhpStorm IDE is a closed-source cross-platform especially designed for coding in PHP, JavaScript, and HTML. Built on JetBrains’ IntelliJ IDEA platform, it is the best IDE for Ubuntu-based web development.


While supporting PHP and Databases/SQL, it is an attractive and slick user interface designed with technologies, like HTML5, CSS, CoffeeScript, Saas, etc. Customize this IDE with themes and extensions to enhance its features.


It is the best coding environment for web developers with features such as automatic coding, code completion, bug fixing, error highlighting, remote deployment, command-line tools, databases/SQL, smart code navigator, debugging, etc.


Also, it supports significant frameworks like WordPress, Yii, Joomla, Symfony, etc., and is available as a package on Ubuntu 16.04 or higher.

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Visual Studio Code

Developed by Microsoft for Windows, macOS, and Linux, Visual Studio Code IDE is a simple code editor similar to Sublime Text and Atom Text Editor. It is the best IDE in web development for those who are a newbie in programming.


In short, it is a learning tool that explains everything right from simple HTML tags to error handling concepts in programming.


Code Studio IDE software ships with Git integration and offers features like auto code completion, refactoring, syntax highlighting, snippets, and keyboard shortcuts.


Furthermore, it supports various scripting programming languages like C, C++, CSS, CoffeeScript, HTML, F#, JSON, Perl, Ruby, PHP, Swift, and many more.


It is fully customizable, you can change themes, additional extensions are installable, adding new programming languages is possible, and you get a chance to add services that are useful in development.

Sublime Text: Best Python IDE For Web Development

Being one of the best cross-platform IDE, you will find it best for the Ubuntu desktop environment. It’s a lightweight code editor supporting different programming and markup languages like Python, HTML, C, JavaScript, and CSS.


Customization with this IDE has key bindings, snippets, menus, and macros separately for all different files and projects. Sublime Text IDE features multiple selections, powerful Python API, command palette, split editing, and instant project switch.


Apart from these features, web development services in Raleigh, USA use it as a highly customizable IDE with JSON - Javascript Object Notation files.


Atom: Best IDE For Web Development Services With Teletype

Developed by GitHub for macOS, Windows, Linux, and Ubuntu, it is a free and open-source code editor with the best user interface, completely customizable by changing themes and styling.


Based on the Electron framework, Atom IDE for web development supports various programming languages like C, C++, C#, HTML, CoffeeScript, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, Python, Perl, and many other widely web technologies.


Web developers of Atom claim it to be a hackable text editor having features of Git and GitHub integration. Its feature Teletype lets you collaborate with other developers in order to share knowledge, eventually resulting in better software or web application.


Atom also offers IDE-like features of cross-platform editing, smart auto-completion, built-in package manager, file system browser, and multiple panes. It has thousands of open-source packages available for installation that is used for functionality enhancements.

best ide for web development

WebStorm: IDE Similar To PhpStorm

It is another web development IDE in our list developed by JetBrains. Like PhpStorm, it is also a closed-source web development IDE available for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Ubuntu.


The modern and slick user interface offers features like intelligent code completion, powerful navigation, error detection, refactoring, and many more.


It comes with a debugger that easily debugs Node.js apps from IDE, Mocha, Unit Testing with Karma, Protractor, and Jest. Also, WebStorm IDE comes integrated with Git and GitHub.

Brackets: Adobe Systems IDE For Web Development

Brackets from Adobe Systems is a cross-platform web development application with excellent features and features of modern IDEs. It is the best web development IDE offering live HTML, JavaScript, CSS coding, and editing functionality useful for web development.


Being a lightweight and powerful web development IDE, it offers inline editors, split view, live preview, JSLint, LESS support, etc. Also, gives Theseus integration, which actually is an open-source JavaScript debugger to set breakpoints and real-time variable inspection.


Brackets support various web development tools and programming languages like Perl, HTML, Ruby, Python, Java, and JavaScript. Shipped in with a built-in extension manager it can be used to download and install add-ons, and extensions to enhance functionality.

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Vim: Personal Favourite Web Application Development IDE

Vim is my favorite IDE used in software programming and web application development. It is a highly configurable code editor which can be difficult to start, but once you get to use it, you can’t find any other IDE.


It supports major programming languages like Python, C, C++, C#, HTML, Java, CSS, JavaScript, and more. Vim IDE features syntax highlighting, DirectX support for Microsoft users, mouse gestures, etc. Apart from these, it is a highly customizable IDE offering a wide range of extensions and plugins.


Choosing the right web development IDE can be a difficult task sometimes. However, Custom web development services in the USA to find the one that perfectly works with the best programming language such that you never go back to the plain text editors.


All the above IDEs for web development are great options but test them all!


Go to each IDE website, download their free versions, install them, and use them. After judging the best free IDE for web development, get their premium version. Hopefully, you find the right IDE for your future web development projects.