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How To Choose the right database for your Flutter app?

right database for your flutter app

For online businesses, data is critical as it helps in making informed decisions, solving real-time problems, practicing and studying the latest trends. The collected data is known as a database. Remember, data collected is always real-time data!

A Database Management System (DBMS) organizes, stores, modifies, removes, recovers, and searches data in many ways. The only aspect of a database is to maintain data, change data real-time, keep it secure, consistent, and have data sovereignty and integrity.

Today, we have many options for databases, and choosing the right one for mobile app development is a big challenge. Thus, to create a Flutter application or to add extra features to your current Flutter projects, then selecting a flutter app database is necessary!

Today, this blog will help you select one flutter local database for your app!

An app (mobile or web) basically has millions of users. Each user wishes to get time-to-time updates. That means a database of the app must be able to handle millions of users’ data.

As the complexity of apps is growing, the developers have to make sure that the database performs well. As Flutter is the best cross-platform app development framework, many Flutter local DBs are smartly working to create apps in Android and iOS.

Many Flutter developers are using different types of database models. While some are NoSQL databases, some are individually created databases. And with structural consideration, if you can connect flutter app with database (the right database), your app in Flutter projects will serve you the best.

In mobile app development, real-time data delivery is important because every user wants to see updated, latest data, and information. That is why many mobile app service providers in USA use Flutter to create apps and MySQL (best relational database) to run the backend services.

Let's first check the types of databases!

Types of Databases For Flutter Mobile App Development

In this blog post, we will help you choose the database platform that gives you the best data security and takes care of the data lifelong. But, for that, you will have to first take care of the following things.

Data Structure, Size of your data, Speed and Scale, Data Modeling, Data Security, Memory Management, and type of Data Synchronization. All these things help you to choose the right databases for Flutter app development.

Based on the criteria mentioned above, we have divided databases in mainly two types:

  • Relational Database,  where the data has a relation in between them. SQL and SQLite are the best examples of such databases.
  • Non-relational Database, where data stored is in documents, and data has no relation between them. They are quite unstructured. MongoDB is a bright example of such a database. A non-relational database is also known as a NoSQL database.

Now in the case of Flutter app development, we have two sets of databases, Relational and NoSQL databases for Flutter. To make the choices easier for you, we have mentioned a list of flutter local databases.

We hope that it will prove beneficial to the Flutter Developers!

What Are The Flutter App Databases You Can Use?

Based on the database selection criterion factors for the database, we have picked out some of the top flutter local DBs used in making Android and iOS apps.

The below list has the best databases for your flutter mobile app. Don’t forget to choose one as per your requirements:

  • MySQL: it is an open-source Flutter for relational databases that is multi-threaded. You can easily use this for Flutter and many other mobile app development frameworks.
  • PostgreSQL: It is also a relational database that is a highly powerful, customizable, open-source, and object-based database.
  • MariaDB: This is a popular open-source relational database created by MySQL developers.
  • MongoDB: Call it as NoSQL or non-relational schemaless, JSON document database. It is widely popular for its flexibility and scalability.
  • RethinkDB: it is an open-source document-oriented database that stores data in JSON format and can simply sync in real-time applications.
  • Realm: Being a non-relational object-oriented database, it's 10-times faster that can be easily customized for iOS and Android applications.
  • SQLite: We can call it an embedded database that has local data storage capabilities that get implemented in a Flutter app using SQflite.
  • Firebase: It is a cloud-hosted Google-owned database that hosts and syncs data in real-time across multiple devices for multi-user during high availability requirements.
  • Hive: It is native to dart and is a fast flutter NoSQL database that requires no device-specific implementations.

These are some of the top databases which are currently popular in the app development world. The main motto of these databases is to manage the regular content change, feature updates, design updates, and daily incoming traffic.

Therefore, if you haven't selected a suitable database as per your app’s requirements, then now is the time to select one from the above mentioned Flutter relational database or Flutter NoSQL database.

NOTE: Selecting the right database for mobile applications is always a big challenge. Therefore, you must understand your Flutter app structure, and based upon it, you have to choose the database!

Let's Connect Flutter App With Database!

Currently, Flutter is the best technology to make cross-platform applications on Android and iOS. Thus, strategic planning is necessary before selecting the right database. Not only this, but you will require a highly skilled developer to integrate Flutter and database.

Every app gets a regular update; hence, the criteria is to find a highly flexible database for the mobile application. Thus, we would say as of now Hive and Firebase are the best Flutter app database.

To synchronize data between devices, you should use Firebase. Otherwise, to run the app quickly with great support, you can use Hive.

And if you think both don't suit your app requirements, then SQFlite is the best database that provides fine-grained control queries and relationships in the data.

In case, you are still unable to understand the Hive, Firebase, and SQFlite, then you can create your Flutter database. However, it will be quite hard and need genius minds.

But, if you can contact a leading best flutter mobile app development company in USA, then choosing the right database for the Flutter app will not be a problem anymore!


As we have a quality experience in developing large-scale or enterprise mobile applications, we easily understand the requirements and the need for scalability in choosing the right database for mobile applications.

Let us know if you have any issues in creating heavy data applications from scratch.

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