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The Common Bugs Found While Mobile Testing

Bugs Found While Mobile Testing

We as whole commit errors in our individual life. That is the reason we always need someone or a group of people to cross-check our work for secure wellbeing and life. That goes the same with mobile applications.

For the last couple of years, we are examining the most well-known website and mobile app development technologies, tools, and trends. And today we have decided to get your attention on mobile app testing and the errors, bugs found in the applications.

In case you're one of the numerous organizations, specialists, or business people that are attempting their hand in top-class mobile app development, we believe today’s blogpost will thrill you as you’ll come across different kinds of bugs/errors found in mobile application testing.

Let’s check some bugs in apps!

A bug shows a mistake, failure, or disappointment in the application or its integration with the operating system being fabricated that produces unforeseen results. A bug in the application being made ought to be followed and fixed.

Basically, there are three kinds of bugs -

Application-Specific bugs: The business reasoning of the bug relates to this kind of bug. They might be totally hard to perceive so significant application data may really uphold you. It is important to run test cases utilizing experiments for such sorts of bugs.

Stage explicit bugs: Every stage of development in mobiles (Android, iOS) has its bugs related to how the system functions and on what functionalities.

Another kind of bug is Explicit bugs that are mostly identified with the application design.

Like all the knowledgeable smartphone clients, we've taken to spot the bugs and resolve them soon before they bother the interfaces and fasten the rate to decrease application crashes.

Keeping these few things in mind, let’s recognize the bugs during versatile mobile app testing.

What are the Common Bugs Found In Mobile Testing?

The Android application market is the biggest in the smartphone industry. Hence, we have decided to find common bugs in Android apps.

If you have defects in mobile application testing, then finding bugs in apps will be difficult. Therefore, you must take the help of top mobile app development service providers in the USA to detect bugs in mobile applications.

Category of Bugs in Mobile Applications!

Following is the category of bugs that you can find in your mobile applications related to any business vertical:

  •  Compatibility crash bugs
  •  Performance issues
  •  UI and UX bugs
  •  Network related issues
  •  Memory leakage
  •  Slow responses
  •  Network related issues
  •  Permission issues (camera, video, audio)
  •  General functionality issues
  •  Module features
  •  OS version issues

To make sure that your application functions greatly, you will have to remove bugs related to these categories. Bugs in apps tell us that defects in mobile application testing are a common part.

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Not only this but you should remove errors and defects in mobile application testing. Some defects are as follows:


  • Defects Found During Security Testing: SSL Certificate Handling Flaws, Data Leakage, Client-Side Validation, Insecure Direct Object Reference, and Outdated Vulnerable Components.
  • Common Defects Found During UI Testing: Compatibility Bugs, Inconsistencies in Page Layout Across Devices, Unnecessary Navigation, and Lacking Landscape Mode.
  • Common Defects Found During Performance Testing: Performance Issues, Memory-related Issues, Interfacing Performance Issues, Slow Response Time, and Crashes.

Out of all these, we have gathered a list of the -

Most Encountered Common Android Bugs!

  • Cross browsing adaptability bugs: It restricts the versatility of an application browser and it should be eliminated to guarantees that clients can increase the usage of a browser program, simply by utilizing a web-application without any issues.
  • Form validation bugs: When you use characters say special characters, but the limitation to fill a form doesn’t let the user use it completely even after filling right information, then an error occurs.
  • Authentication field’s bugs: It regularly happens when the client entered inadmissible characters into the application's verification field.
  • Tapping/clicking button bugs: A basic catch can cause a difficult issue on the off chance that you don't deal with the chance of quick touch taps. This can be very tiring specifically with those applications where we make payments such as banking and transaction wallet applications or in the message apps. Usage of tap buttons will be more, hence there should be no error.
  • Date Controls: These bugs are regularly discovered where age impediments are carried out.
  • Crash after tapping on a button: These resemble time bombs working as a button hidden inside the appearance of the application. At the point when the client squeezes that button, the application crashes.
  • Checking all bug and error messages, spelling, and sentence structure on each negative test.
  • Change some information in the real site and see if changed information reflecting in the mobile application or not.
  • Security testing is generally significant while taking all things together in a mobile application.
  • Checking information stream among application and data sets.

A few mobile testing applications that discover bugs in apps offer mobile application beta testing and bug finding to guarantee that your application is good to go for launching. We can help you in testing Android TV applications, web applications, browser applications, gaming applications, and many more.


Thus, the above-mentioned were all kinds of basic bugs and errors which are discovered during app testing. It is crafted by the analyzer to discover these bugs and fix them.

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During improvement and development periods of mobile applications, it is important to adjust all necessities and think about new progressions, and test the application through eventually.

It is this tireless testing that makes us find and fix all defects and ordinary bugs in an app to keep the client satisfied. What do you think about the errors and bugs coming in a mobile application? What's on your most-basic bug list?

Do mention your comments in the section below!

We are the best mobile application development company in the USA always ready to help you out with your mobile app needs. You just need to contact us!

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