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How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Web Application?

web application development cost

Web Application Development is currently a favorite of business! Every business owner knows how vital web-based apps are. But, most of them have no idea about the involved web app development costs.

To understand this, first you must know;

What is Web Application Development?

Making a browser-based website or software or apps with a short life cycle is known as Web Application Development. Call it as an easy web-based solution that assists, run, administer, and control your online business.

With web apps, you catch the mobile audience and computer audience by efficiently supervising and securing the data. Today, web apps are useful in enhancing your sales while assisting in the business.

However, the main question is on web apps working and the assistance provided by the custom web application development and mobile app development services!

Web Application Development Assists Business in Following Ways

  •  Web apps infuse business to you and from your would-be clientele anywhere.
  •  Web application development lets you access information independently.
  •  Web apps development increases the work efficiency level of employees.
  •  Web apps manage all the detailed business records efficiently.
  •  Generating reports and statistics is easy; thus, web apps strategize your future business with the use of artificial intelligence and the latest business software.

Hence, there exists no doubt that developing a web app for your business will help in scaling up the revenue collection. Whereas, it is essential to know which kind of web application development is fruitful for you.

Therefore, we have a list of different web application development types that are practiced in majo professional custom web design companies in USA.

Web Application Types

The classification of web apps is dependent on the requirements of clients. We have concluded the requirements into the types of web applications which are as follows:

Static Web Application: $500 to $1000 Price Range

It is easy to develop a static website in HTML and CSS languages. They are limited to portfolio type layouts, which only updates your visitors about your business information. They are cost-effective, inexpensive, easily indexable, and need less processing time.

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Dynamic Web Application: $2500 to $5000 Price Range

A dynamic web app is able to display different content to different visitors/users depending upon the location. It holds the entire database, and the content edition is effortlessly feasible. With more user interactive features, it increases the users engagement and user retention ration.

In comparison to static websites, dynamic websites are more powerful.

This is the reason why top professional custom web design companies in USA always suggest their clients to go with dynamic and user-friendly application development.

E-commerce Web Application Development: $10,000 to $50,000 Price Range

Every E-commerce web app has its own selling theme. Some business owner sells clothes, some sell sports items, some sell vegetables, etc. In short, e-commerce web apps with content management systems, SEO optimized layouts, payment gateways, email integration facilities, live chat features, etc. is a medium to transport your local market shop into a live online shop with a more reach of a global audience.

Web Portal Development: $15,000 to $30,000 Price Range

You must have seen many multi-information sites with integrated media galleries, rating systems, survey portals, forums, etc. If you are looking to make a web-based app, then you can increase your B2B + B2C business effectively. Moreover, if your web portal is socially-active, and supports advanced search, then web portal development compared to other web apps can be an effective measure to run business wisely.

There is some more kind of web apps which are made based upon the structured features. Web and mobile app development services focus more on the below classification. For example;

  •  Basic Web Apps: $3000 to $17,000
  •  Custom Web Apps with interactive UX/UI designs and moderate complexity can cost around $17,000 - $55,000.
  •  Complex Web Apps with exclusiveCMS features, high complexity level, payment gateways, social media integration, and more can cost you between $55,000 to $1,15,000.
  •  Enterprise-grade Web Apps which monitors the business using advanced technologies, business intelligence software, mail marketing systems, ERP, and many more in a user-friendly manner in a corporate environment costs more than $1,40,000.

No matter what happens, your cost may differ with respect to the features you include or exclude in development. For example, to make your site secure, you need an SSL certificate!

If you go buying an SSL certificate, then it will increase your costing, and if you don’t buy it, then it reduces your cost. However, you cannot put your site without SSL because it helps in making your website a secured one. Thus, SSL becomes a must feature for you!

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In order to estimate your web app cost, you need to pen down the features, need to find how costs can effectively be managed, and the best web application development is made.

We too are the best company among top professional custom web design companies. And our portfolio establishes our client retention rate and the work which we do generously by using latest technologies.

If you looking to make a successful web-based app in $50 to $100 per hour, then feel free to contact us!

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