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What Are The Impacts Of COVID-19 On eCommerce Business?

Impacts Of COVID-19 On eCommerce Business

The USA is at the top in death tolls and infected cases in the world. Nearly 95% of America's population is living safely at home. According to Worldometers, in the USA 1,237,761 people have got infected due to COVID-19 Coronavirus out of which 72,275 are dead, and 200,669 have recovered.

But, this wouldn’t have happened if the American President Donald Trump had issued lockdown in January 2020! As a result, the businesses centered in America are now at high risk. The American Dollar has started to fall! 

Now, we can see the Impact of COVID-19 on eCommerce business, retailing, import-export business, online selling & service, shipping industry, etc. everywhere in the world! Everyone in the world is living safely at their home by the following lockdown and maintaining social distancing.

People are busy on their mobile phones day and night. But they can’t order anything online because the eCommerce industry is closed temporarily till COVID-19 critical times stays.

A COVID-19 pandemic is a defining event of 2020 for the global population whose implications are going to last for the next two-three years. We are now realizing the importance of the interconnected world and how worse it is if the connections are disturbed. 

In short, we are living in unprecedented times with no understatement!

Roads, restaurants, bars, public transports, all are closed to maintain social distance. While all the industries and business sectors are at major risks, people have started making changes in their lives.

Most importantly, everyone has realized that essentials like food and house are more important than anything else in this world. Reaming isolated is the only option to live life better.

However, you will have to quit social distancing sooner or later because you will have to go out to buy essentials to live healthily. Either you will visit eCommerce stores in your nearby market, or you will prefer purchasing from online eCommerce businesses and stores. 

That means everything will come back to normal, but how will it come is a question to think. In this article, we are going to bring you some cases and fact studies that show the rise of the eCommerce industry after the COVID-19 Pandemic time is over!

COVID-19 Challenges Are New Ecommerce Business Opportunity

The biggest impact of the lockdown is on those no-essential businesses where customers use to spend a lot! Furthermore, as the lockdown is increasing, some eCommerce businesses are unable to make sales.

Yes, they care about incurring a heavy loss, but it can be protected if they start investing in the essential business. Limiting shopping for essentials is wrong; therefore, more non-essential businesses can adapt essential businesses flexibly to meet the changing needs.

The COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak has severe disruptions in the business cycles and the eCommerce development business across the globe is no exception.

“During the early days of lockdown when people were storing essential food items, there was a sudden 8.8% increase in the online selling of eCommerce products.”

This sudden rise was because of the panic buying that generally happens in the time of crises. It's always when humans face some sort of uncertain conditions.

But after the COVID-19 lockdown is in full swing, the effects on online shopping behavior are dramatic. More or less adaptable and in search of opportunities.

Businesses have found ways to rise above the COVID-19 challenges in order to revive the eCommerce economy back in action.

Will It Be Safe To Order Online After COVID-19?

As we know how infectious COVID-19 is, many online customers have raised questions on the safety of receiving online orders. The virus can live up to three hours to three days on the surface of any material.

This means in the future, there can be cases of COVID-19 attack via package deliveries of the online shopping industries. However, if the safety measures are taken cautiously while packaging and delivering, then COVID-19 spread can be decreased.  

“According to a survey in the USA and UK, 96% of Millenials and Gen Zs concern is on cutting their spendings and stocking up essential items. While the older generations still don't understand these critical times.”

As per the WHO guidelines on their website, it is yet safe to receive the packages with all kinds of safety and precautions. There is a low risk of spread from products or packaging. 

It means the rate of COVID-19 Coronavirus spread by an infected person contaminating commercial goods and packages moved, and exposed to different temperatures and conditions are also low.

It is a clear indication that people are needed to work from their homes, follow the home quarantine, and purchase anything via online shopping simply by avoiding in-store shopping.

According to a survey, it is believed that women will be affected more than men due to this change in shopping behavior. Not only this, but the growth of online delivery will impact the traditional markets.

FUTURE 1: We will soon see an increase in the custom eCommerce development company in USA. Not only in the United States of America, but in the rest of the world too!

Ecommerce: A New Boon To The Digital Healthcare Industry

The eCommerce business sector has witnessed an increase in the sale of pharmaceutical products in the last two-three years. With the requirement to maintain the social distance In the COVID-19 crucial times, it is now more important for the people to purchase medical related items online. 

It includes items like masks, gloves, hygiene products, hand sanitizers, antibacterial sprays, essential medicines, COVID-19 protection kits, etc. In the USA, before some days of the lockdowns, there was an increase in the online buying of such items by 817%.

“As per the data from Nielsen, the sales of medical masks, gloves, and PPEs were more than 300%. In the fear of the virus, people were looking to buy cold, cough, and flu medicines online.”

Even in such critical conditions, there are some eCommerce online stores & companies which have started selling pharmaceutical products. As a result, there is an increase in sales by 198%. Thus, medical products are the new luxury goods!

FUTURE 2: There will be a huge increase in custom healthcare software development in USA; especially the developing countries. A new phase of the digital healthcare industry will progress the human society towards a better life.

Government Role For Citizens In Ecommerce Industry

During this lockdown period, online grocery purchases have also increased. It is not at all surprising that the people were ordering online just to fill their kitchens with everything during any worst-case scenario.

“The non-perishable food items saw a sudden increase in the sales by 69%, while the shelf-stable items such as oatmeals, rice, and pasta have grown by 58%.”

However, this is not the same everywhere in the world! The condition of developing countries like India, Singapore, China, etc. is worse.

If experts are to be believed than once the lockdown is over, the eCommerce sales will increase more as people will again stock up continuously.

The Coronavirus truth has caught the world’s every human imagination due to which the whole world is preoccupied with Coronavirus news and updates. On the other hand, there is very little to do with any new thing.

In these critical times, more and more people are focussed on survival while they take care of their families. Here, the government is building opportunities to serve its citizens, especially the laborers and BPL (below poverty line people) better.

FUTURE 3: With the help of free delivery concept and e-government online services in USA, people can provide essentials to each other and sustain survivability.

Mobile App Industry Can Aid To Do Better Business

The high contagious nature of this viral disease is the reason behind the fear with which we all are instilled right now. People are not only avoiding their meetings with the people, but they are also fully taking care to not come in contact with an infected person.

It is true that online deliveries change many hands, it is alarming too. However, if most of the population is told to remain at their homes and only a few are selected to work for eCommerce online stores with all protection and safety, then contamination and spread can be protected.

COVID-19 has affected the shopping patterns and has changed consumer behavior across the globe. A major portion of the consumers is now focussed on meeting their survival needs. 

Selling quality, hygienic essentials is the hour's demand where mobile apps can help in doing better business. 

FUTURE 4: As soon as things get normal, there will be a great demand for more eCommerce apps and online eCommerce business plans. That's when the top mobile app development services provider in USA will be contacted for making the best eCommerce businesses online.

Final Words!

Your eCommerce online customers are somehow adapting these strange times. They are making some changes in their habits of online shopping. Moreover, you as a business must try to support your customers before they face anything uncertain.

We mean as per the industry’s new practices, safety measures, the ever-evolving situation must change to serve the customers better.

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In order to retain your existing customers first, you must switch to the mobile apps, and second, you must get permission from the government to deliver essentials.

We all realize the ongoing Coronavirus crisis, its chaos, and the confusion about the mode of functioning of the businesses. We hope that this article will help you to understand the changes and behavior of a new upcoming eCommerce industry.

The only thing to watch is how ready are you!

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We are the best Magento development services provider that can help you in building mobile shopping apps to overcome these critical times and help others.

Contact us today and take care of your health and family by staying safe at home until COVID-19 critical times are over!