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How to build an mobile app on the concept of Doctor on Demand?

doctor on-demand app development

The medical healthcare sector in the last 10 years of this 21st century has experienced many radical changes. Out of which, the biggest one is the integration of technological innovations. 

To support this, take the example of the top healthcare software solutions in USA like EHR (electronic healthcare record system), PHR (patient healthcare record), etc. that have quality and precision. 

The technological advancement in the healthcare medical sector is immensely revolutionizing at an unfathomable speed. Moreover, the Telemedicine & Doctor on Demand applications serving the needs of patients and doctors are the best healthcare innovations.

With such apps and systems in our reach, we can get direct advice and medical assistance by the doctors’ via a phone application. This is a fast, affordable, and convenient method to get optimum health care.

“As per Statista, the Telemedicine market will increase more than $40 Billion by 2021 which was $18 Billion in 2015.”

The ease of availability and direct D2P (Doctor to Patient) medical assistance are the two best features that have made mobile app development services famous in the healthcare market.

For example, you have to book an appointment with a doctor for two or three days before you consult him/her. If this way of booking an appointment continues then the time to get medical services will increase.

This time factor can increase some major health risks!

Thus, to beat this time, we need some sort of solution and there is the only solution to it, i.e., Doctor on Demand application in your smartphones.

Doctor On Demand Apps and Digital Healthcare

“Around 46% of the world’s population use smartphones.” 

And if the doctors are made available to the 46% directly via their phone then it would become easy to take care of the remaining 54% population of the world.

For this, the doctor's on-demand app can be very useful because it would allow the user/patient to connect to the doctor within 3 minutes and consult asap!

"A magical touch of technology has reduced the 72 hours of waiting time to merely 3 minutes.”

Thus, a doctor booking appointment app can reduce the average time for a patient to connect with a doctor. There are many popular examples of such apps like ZocDoc, Doctor On Demand, and Healthtap.

These three apps are considered as the world’s three best dynamic doctor on-demand app solutions. And if you want to build a mobile app like the above ones, then you will have to contact the top mobile app development services in USA for a healthcare application.

A Doctor on Demand app allows video consultations 24/7 running on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers. A patient shares the symptoms, gets consultation from the doctor, receives prescription and diagnosis, and sometimes suggests lab tests also.

Mostly the common conditions of patients like cold, flu, rashes, urinary infections, allergies are treated using the app. Doctors can’t treat cancer online on video conferencing!

“According to Grand View Research reports, the worldwide mHealth market (mobile health) will cross $112 billion by 2025 with 44.2% of CAGR.” 

This suggests that mobile healthcare applications will enhance the digital healthcare market!

“According to Statista, the mHealth industry by 2020 will expand to $58.8 billion which was $23.39 billion in 2017.”

All these reports and data clearly indicate that the medical industry will undergo various digital changes by 2023. In this process of change, the internet will be playing a crucial role.

Therefore, you must also choose a cross-platform hybrid mobile app development framework to build a mobile app (robust and user-friendly mHealth app) on the concept of doctor on demand!

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All you need is a team of some expert mobile app developers offering you a successful business model and revenue-building model.

What Are The Features of a Doctor on Demand App?

In a telemedicine app or a doctor booking app, the end-users are the Patients while the service providers are the Doctors. And to handle them both on a real-time basis, we need Admins!

Thus, a Doctor Appointment Booking app on the doctor on Demand strategy can be divided into three parts - Users, Doctors, and Admins.

To make medical services convenient for all the users, the overall features and functionalities are integrated into a smartphone application. Every part of the mobile application needs different features.

Features make your mobile app more creative, interactive, and user-friendly.  

Let's look at the features below:


Features of a Doctor on Demand App


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Some of the Advanced Features that can be included are as follows:


Advanced Features that can be included

Hence, all these are some of the most essential and potential features that must be used in a Doctor on Demand mobile application.

Therefore, if ever you go and visit a custom healthcare software development company in USA, then do ask them your doubts about the above-mentioned features. 

In case you are able to make a mHealth app, then how will it reign in the app marketplace?

The answer is simple, i.e., by increasing the apps market value!

There are some common revenue models for your application that need to be introduced at the patients-end and doctors-end with better security, data handling features.

4 ways to monetize your doctor on demand apps are Annual Membership, Monthly Package, Daily-Based Charge Fee, Per Minute Consultation Charge, & Franchising!

“As per the tech experts, the cost of developing a doctor on demand app like ZocDoc starts from $25,000 and increases up to $70,000. Furthermore, the per-hour cost of a mobile app developer lies between $150 to $250 in Eastern Europe, $120 to $180 in the USA.”

However, in the Asian countries, it varies somewhere between $40 to $80!

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Final Conclusion!

There lies no doubt in the sphere of mobile application development services. Building a mobile app with the concept of Doctor on Demand potentially is the right strategy to contribute to mHealth and digital healthcare.

By using creative features and functions, you can create a good application that can enhance the stability of the healthcare system. It can go locally, state-wise, nationally, and internationally.

It depends upon you how seriously you take your healthcare mobile app. We are the top Healthcare software solutions providers in USA, always at your service 24x7.

Contact us to build a healthcare mobile app!