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6 Tips for Reducing Website Downtime

Reducing Website Downtime

There are many website owners who live in the fear of their websites going down. While others ignore the site downtime possibility, many others hope for the best. Unfortunately, both conditions can lead you to the worst happenings.

Fortunately, here in this article, we have proactive steps that you can take to check site downtime and remove the downtime. Additionally, you can use the simple concept, i.e., reduce page load time against the downtime issue.

A website’s purpose is to remain 24/7 available online for the customers making purchases, reading blog posts, or trying their hardest to learn more about your business. Thus, it is every website owner’s duty to handle the website downtime monitoring critically!

In this post, we are going to discuss all the important tips to reduce downtime. Also, we will let you know the causes of downtime. Thus, the post has a lot to cover in it!

A website is an online face of every business running on the internet. We want our sites to show at every search query of every user to get good organic traffic. Not only you, but the online visitors also want a single website for their every solution.

That’s why it is said that - “A user expects websites to load within three seconds, with a maximum of one-second additional delay.”

A website that is unable to load within 4 seconds, get low traffic, drop in sales, and less customer retention!

This is the internet business, and it’s the fact that even three seconds in your internet business life can make you go all together into losses.
If your website is down for some reason or is taking more time to load a page, then your possibilities of getting any sales decrease by 75%. This is horrible to say; however, it is a well known established fact of the downtime issues.

Due to downtime, the first time visitors don’t take your website credibly. Furthermore, your regular customers stop coming to you, look for alternatives, go to your competitors. As a result, your website’s customer retention ratio decreases!

It doesn’t depend on what kind of business you are doing? What online enterprise are you running? What are you selling to your clients? If you are unable to monitor website uptime, reduce website loading time, and prevent website downtime, you will incur business loss!

If you are unable to understand the downtime, its causes, and prevention, you can Hire a website design services company in USA, pay them yearly, and relax!

Is There Any Other Reason To Prevent Websites From Downtime?

The most immediate hassle downtime presents is that customers can’t get the right of entry to your site. Ultimately, in one manner or another, this is likely a way to lose revenue for yourself.

If you run an eCommerce site, customers won’t be capable of making purchases. What’s extra, blogs will miss out on ad revenue, and you’ll likely see a dip in conversion rates for electronic mail subscriptions and other features as well.

Plus, if downtime becomes a repetitive hassle for your site, the terrible effects can be much more long-lasting. For instance, it will probably affect your credibility.

If your internet site is unreliable, potential clients or customers may begin to view your brand the same way. Chances are they’ll be less in all likelihood to accept and trust you with their payment records and business.

Your search engine ratings could also take a dive. While quick intervals of inaccessibility every one occasion shouldn’t bring about penalties, immoderate downtime can hurt your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Top Causes of Website Downtime

Some of you might think that one or two hours of downtime per month can't impact the website, its performance, Google ranking, SEO, etc. much.

Moreover, many think that this much downtime isn't bad. But they are wrong!
Actually, a website can crash anytime because the web crash depends upon many factors. It can go down for many different reasons. Some of those top website downtime reasons are discussed below.

You can check below which reason is responsible for your site's downtime:

  • Low-Quality Hosting
  • Traffic Overload
  • Hacking Attempt or Malware
  • Plugin or Theme-Related Problems
  • Less Responsive Web Page
  • Hardware Failures
  • Poor Quality Website Hosting
  • DNS Issues
  • CMS Issues
  • Lapses in Maintenance

So if downtime appears to be inevitable, what is your way to guard the website's online profits? Also, what are your methods to prepare yourself from the downtime crash?

Can you humanely remove it, or you will need website downtime monitoring tools to do so!

A quality website downtime checker service helps in notifying you about the causes of bringing website downtime. They check site downtime and uptime statistics and predict the moment when your website can go down.

There is a top responsive web designing company in Raleigh, USA which is actually well known to monitor website uptime and reduce website loading time.

They do it at a very affordable cost!

What Are The Tips To Prevent Website Downtime?

The importance of having your downtime as low as viable is almost impossible to overstate. Actually, 9 out of every 10 professionals say that services at their agency are more focused on on-site downtime monitoring and preventing it from happening.

"A downtime can cause huge amounts of revenue loss and data loss!"

Both of them can put your business at depths of hell from the heights of heaven. Therefore, it is important to reduce your downtime.

In this website downtime checker guide, below we have many tips which upon following will help you to avoid downtime instances at your website.

Now, what we must do about it?
We can basically follow the below tips to prevent website downtime in the future:

  • Review the service level agreements (SLAs) of your providers.
  • Monitor Your Website’s Uptime
  • Use highly scalable hardware architectures, along with load-balancing
  • Work with a Reliable Hosting Provider
  • Deploy active-active clusters
  • Choose Plugins and Themes Mindfully
  • Do not think that system audits have you covered
  • Secure Your Website Thoroughly
  • Adopt systems that are strong and dynamic
  • Optimize Your Website’s Speed
  • Develop and refine a disaster recovery plan
  • Renew Your Domain Name Registration on Time
  • Ensure that your providers use enterprise-grade monitoring tools
  • Employ an Uptime Monitoring Plugin
  • Back-Up Your Site Regularly

Wrapping up!

Downtime on your website will definitely cause a wide range of problems while you do business. In addition to problems, downtime will become the reason behind the lost revenue, SEO ranking, and drop in the credibility among existing customers.

The best option is to prevent downtime on your website. Fortunately, we have given you tons of methods! If you follow them strictly, then chances are that you will run your business without any downtime.

“Secure your website, optimize your website performance, and keep running your business high!”

If you have any questions unanswered about website downtime, then write down to us in the comment section. We will answer them as early as possible!

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