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How Much Does it Cost you to Build A Taxi App

Cost to Build A Taxi App

Taxi booking companies have made transportation hassle-free. You can book a car ride from taxi service apps like Uber & OLA across the big busy cities of the world.

Not only a taxi booking app gives you a memorable personal car ride experience, but it is a good business model too.

The increasing demands of cab and car services attract young entrepreneurs to enter this business.

However, none could build a taxi app like Uber, nor could come close to its business level.

Thus, today's guide is for the new startup visionaries who want to launch a local taxi service company in the car, cabs, taxi market, and transportation industry.

The past decade saw many car and cab services companies appear around the world. Only a few like Didi Chuxing, Grab, Lyft, Ola, and Uber became successful.

"Statista reports that in 2019, the taxi app market worldwide revenue was $302 billion. But, due to COVID Coronavirus, the revenue generation saw a huge decrease to $192 billion in 2020."

COVID is here to stay in 2021-22, but the car and taxi app service market by the end of 2024 will make $366 billion at a healthy 17.5% CAGR.

China and India generate 37% of taxi booking leads via apps. It's because due to their large population.

Taking advantage of social distancing, Uber is expanding and planning to reach 100 million customers by the end of 2023. We think that Uber will make it!

Not just Uber, but your taxi service business can do the same. For that, you must follow breakthrough ideas, strict taxi booking app development guidelines, and the best product marketing strategies.

"Remember 9 out of 10 startups fail due to no market fit capabilities and skills."

If anyone ever pulls you down from entering this business, give them a solid reply and present all these stats.

Today, in this guide, we will tell you everything about the taxi booking app development process and what is the actual taxi app development cost to a startup?

But, first, get answers to these questions to make a taxi app -

How to make taxi app

How A Taxi Booking App Works?

A taxi booking app function is to match the passenger to the nearby driver. However, the choice to serve you belongs to the driver.

Every mobile application development solutions provider must make an on-demand, flexible, scalable, and real-time functioning transportation app compatible with all smartphone devices (iOS/Android/Windows).

Basically, a taxi app has three different parts - User, Driver, and Admin. Each of these three has a unique set of features.

WEll-KNOWN FUNCTIONALITIES OF A TAXI BOOKING APP: Booking Rides, Fare Calculations, Displaying Trip Details, Route Optimizations, Maps, Finding a Driver, Confirming the Trip, Connecting Passenger to Driver, Payment Options, and Ratings & Reviews

Below are the features to include when you build a taxi app:

Taxi booking app development features

What are the Stages of A Taxi Booking App Development?

You now know all the features of a taxi booking app. But, knowing features isn't enough. To develop an Uber-like app, you need to understand the app development process and the cost behind it.

This section discusses the stepwise process, stages, technology stack, and other requirements to develop the taxi booking app.

Select the Type of App

First, you have to decide if you want to make a Native app, i.e, a separate app for iOS and Android. Or you are planning to do some cost-cutting; thus, want to develop a Cross-platform application. The choice is yours -

  • Develop native Android app with Java & Kotlin and Android Studio IDE
  • Develop native iOS app with Swift & Objective C and Xcode IDE
  • Develop a fully functional cross-platform app for both iOS and Android using Flutter app development services.

Focus on UI/X Designing

To improve the chances to reach and find a greater audience, you will have to work on UX/UI Design. A visually pleasing flawless experience is possible by creating wireframes, mockups, and clickable prototypes. Give a Midas touch to your app appearance!

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Backend Development is Very Critical

Your app is a real-time app, and it will generate immense volumes of data every day. Therefore, your database system must be robust. Focus on improving your Backend Development by taking advantage of Databases like MySQL Cassandra, PostgreSQL, etc., and Languages like Python, Java, Node.JS, etc.

High Performing Admin Panel

Primarily, you need assistance with web development to build an admin panel. For this, you can use website builders, open-source and high-level languages like Python, web frameworks like Django, and more.

Now, Deploy Your App

Presently it's an ideal opportunity to push your application out to clients and convey it in live conditions, for example, the Google Play Store, Apple's App Store, and other well-known archives. Ensure you do an intensive security review and complete entrance testing before arranging a go-live.

Keep App Updated, Maintenance & Support

Despite the best endeavors of analyzers, bugs will undoubtedly sneak in. There can be similar issues with more up-to-date systems, forms, and clients may utilize the application. Around there, you'll need to send the most recent security patches to protect your application from malware assaults. There ought to be a group of specialized help specialists devoted to this reason.

While your application undergoes all this process, one thing is sure, i.e., this app is a good working project for you.

You need to hire people, resources, invest in the tools & technologies, IT infra buildup, and more. The cost to make an app like Uber will be a high one. And Project Management will be a hectic task.

Taxi app development cost share

How Much A Taxi Booking App Development Cost?

You are not focused only on developing an app; your priority is to build a brand that positions itself at heights where no one dares to reach ever. For this, you will have to bargain with the future.

I mean, if you invest in it today, then your app will be on every smartphone. Just plan properly!

Even if you go and decide to hire Android app developers or iOS app developers and make them work for 1500 hours (7 months) as freelancers, the taxi app development project will cross your estimated budget.

The most basic and quick version of taxi app development can cost you $10,000. But, will it satisfy the customers or not is the primary question to ask yourself.

The option you now have is extending the functionality, including advanced features, and better software technical support in app development. Adding all sorts of new things increases your taxi app cost to $45,000.

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Finally, to have the best Uber-like app development, we suggest investing your lifetime biggest expense, i.e., a minimum of $1,00,000 as the taxi app development cost.

"In USA, the app developers charge $60 - $250 an hour, and Indian mobile app developers charge $10 - $80 an hour."

It is now your decision, how to make a taxi app!

Are You Ready To Make Taxi Booking App

Final Words

ZRIX Inc. is in the mobile app development business for the last 10+ years and has successfully launched 100+ apps on Google and Apple app stores.

We know what user wants, how service provider wants to give, and how investor wants to plan. We understand everything and act as a bridge between user expectations, client offerings, and investment plans for your taxi booking app idea.

Either you hire dedicated iOS developers from us or our complete mobile app development team, we can help you decrease the taxi app development cost and increase the features to satisfy all its users.

“Yes, we can develop a taxi booking app easily with the best technology stacks and tools just at $25,000 to $85,000 while being headquartered in North Carolina, Raleigh, USA.”

When are you giving us a call to create a taxi app for you?

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