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Drupal Commerce vs. Magento

drupal vs magento

Drupal Commerce and Magento are the two best PHP-based eCommerce solutions in the web development industry and are the playing fields for website builders. Yet the choosing one of them is difficult because the choice depends upon availability and cost of project/ budget. Hence, it is very important to choose one eCommerce website builder that can give the best user experience.

In this article, we'll look at both Drupal Commerce vs. Magento offerings in the standpoint website development and maintenance, technical capabilities, scalability, interoperability, and several other factors. For example, when you buy a new shirt from an emporium, your preference is to look for the best brand and nicest of clothes. Thus, choosing an eCommerce website builder is the same alike important.

Therefore, the Drupal Commerce and Magento website platforms are now being used for digital businesses. Moreover, they are considered to establish themselves as the best in the industry.

Introduction To Drupal vs Magento eCommerce!

Drupal comes with a range of eCommerce features and functionalities such as product invoice tracking, display on the mobile, laptop, and desktop screens, order acceptance, and digital payment monitoring.

Not only this, but Drupal typically offers a high range of many features, which allows many top Drupal website development services in USA to link shipping services, shopping carts, and payment gateways.

In order to install Drupal Commerce, you have to install Drupal Core using cPanel.

top Drupal website development servicesHere are some best brands made on Drupal: Tech Coast Angels, Doctors of BC, Time Warner Music, and The United Kingdom Royal Mail.

Drupal is easily able to blend in commerce, a community of website developers, content, community, and acquires more traffic; thus, enhancing the digital experience.

With the help of Drupal, you can easily customize your online shopping store. This would give more space to all the developers for choosing the things we want to include and the things we don’t want to choose. Thus, the business enhancement will depend upon the ways you choose to design and develop your eCommerce website.

While on the same front of eCommerce website building, there is another open-source platform Magento written in the PHP language including the Zend framework and MySQL implements and relational database system.

Magento has gained high respect for stability and it is assumed that it will win hearts with a wide range of features.

Magento is free and powers more than 200,000 online stores worldwide. If you are looking to use Magento forward in your website development project, then don’t get late.

Otherwise, hire a top Magento development company in USA make your website, run it, and earn from it by selling top quality products.

"Well-Known Brands Using Magento: Vizio, Rosetta Stone, Zumiez, Alex and Ani, Ghirardelli, and Fun4Kids."

Magento and Drupal both are available in multiple languages, currencies, and have wide community support to help you anytime, anywhere 24x7. But due to the marketplace competition, let’s check which is best, better, and why!

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Differences Between Drupal and Magento

If Magento was designed for solving eCommerce purposes, Drupal means a lot to solve content management. Both Magento Community and Drupal Community easily install from cPanel.

However, Drupal Commerce needs additional steps in installation making it a longer process. When it comes to the eCommerce website development company in USA, today Magento is considered the best eCommerce platform.

Both platforms are highly scalable and provide the best eCommerce development services. Still, Drupal Commerce lacks the ability to categorize products deeply. On the other hand, Magento draws traffic, but Drupal’s SEO is far better.

Let’s begin the comparison between Drupal eCommerce vs Magento!

Drupal Is Highly Secure!

Drupal and Magento both are content management systems, but the Drupal is surprisingly ahead when we are comparing each other Drupal is surprisingly ahead from Magento.

The website infection rate due to cyber attacks is much lesser in Drupal but is more in Magento. Today, WordPress is the most has the most infected websites and thus, Drupal is more secure.

SEO Friendly Page

In this class, each Drupal and Magento function is better and equal. Then also, there is some difference in both and here we will differentiate the Drupal Commerce vs Magento in terms of SEO-friendly!

When you work on Magento 2, as a website developer you can rapidly cache the full page and its content material, so that the website gets better positioning results. But, in the case of Drupal’s latest version, Drupal 8 already has a built-in responsive feature that keeps positioning your website as per search engine functions.

Furthermore, Drupal is more mobile-friendly, then the Magento eCommerce builder!

Customization Available

Drupal is quick and fast in terms of website development but lacks features in the customized cart development which keeps it a step behind from the Magento. When we talk about the Magento in customization, it gives more flexibility and scalability with the better customization features.


If we try and compare in terms of popularity, then we would notice that the Magento has extra live websites evaluating to the Drupal. However, the one extra factor which Drupal increase in their marketplace and is known as the topmost web site builder is the permission of the third-party integrations.

Loading Speed

Drupal’s modern-day version Drupal 8 brings collectively cache to open any internet web page. As taken into consideration web page content doesn’t want to reload once more before loading content material can fast be loaded with using the cache.

It helps quicker web page loading speed. Magento moreover affords faster response time and a full net page cache load.


Magento allows flexibility in improvement, it approves the developer to feature greater capabilities and customize the theme without any trouble. Additionally, Magento launches a new deployment manner known as “pipeline” to make deployment smooth.

On the special hand, Drupal 8 introduces a manufacturer-new theme engine called Twig, it provides at ease, lovely, responsive issues and templates, written in smooth syntax.


Magento 2 provides better overall performance with multiplied indexing and cart. Better junk mail protecThings To Avoid While Developing Content Models in Drupaltion, security authorization, increased developer experience.

On the different hand Drupal serves higher HTML5 support, new Twig theme engine, provide effortless and quick edits, Feature guided tour for a newbie.

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General Conclusions

There are many website development companies in USA, who are successfully running large e-commerce businesses and earn hundreds or thousands or millions of dollars with their every new product.

If you have the guts to afford and invest heavily in either Drupal vs Magento eCommerce enterprises, then you will have to hire dedicated website developers.

Note: To set any small eCommerce business websites you can use Magento, while to set a business with proper database and data algorithm, you can use Drupal website builders!

Hence, we stand with both Drupal and Magento as we found there is no contest between both, but it is your business decision based on your type of business and the budget you have to invest in it!