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Can Facial Recognition Technology Enhance Mobile Security?

facial recognition technology

The facial recognition technology is constantly getting challenges from people. Some say facial recognition online is dangerous and easy to breach, while some accolades it to enhance website security.

If we keep speculations aside, it isn’t wrong to say that this new face recognition technology is revolutionary and not a faraway concept. The technology is in existence since the 1960s software development industry.

During 1964 and 1965, Woody Bledsoe, Helen Chan Wolf, and Charles Brisson with some unnamed funding agency worked on a system to recognize human faces.

They are the fathers of the face recognition system who landmarked the face such as eyes, lips, mouth, etc. to determine the identity.

Later on, the US government-sponsored this fresh technology to custom software development industry in the USA and by the early 2000s developed a fully functional AI-powered face recognition system.

Today, the cybersecurity sector widely uses facial recognition technology to keep internet devices fully secure. In the software and mobile application development industry, the face recognition system is in its full use.

“Reports tell us that the global facial recognition technology market by 2022 can generate $9.6 billion in revenue with a 21.3% compound annual growth rate.”

The technology is gaining popularity over the years, and in the last couple of years, it has become a hot and debatable topic. For example, Facebook’s face recognition for logging in, #10yearschallenge, facial recognition photo tagging, etc. are enticing to get friendly with this new tech.

We know our faces are unique, and finding out another person who looks exactly like us is difficult. Likewise, one cannot find the same fingerprints on some other fingers.

This uniqueness fits well with every person's security. That’s why facial recognition online is significant in strengthening mobile security.

In this article, we will tell you everything about the face recognition system and how it is enhancing mobile security?

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What Is Face Recognition?

Face recognition means creating a face print!

It is a biometric technology that mathematically maps out the facial features of an individual, creates a face print, store the image, and verify the identity of the person by comparing the digital image.

There are fix 80 nodal points on a human face on which the mapping is done. Each point measures the face’s different variables. For example, the forehead, the nose length, the eyes shape, etc. are measured, captured, and stored as a face print.

Your digital image is ready!

Now, with the help of deep learning algorithms a person’s face undergoes identification with the stored face print. If the comparison of the real face and digital image is successful, then face recognition technology is successful.

“Facebook use this technology in the automatic photo tagging.”

The technology looks great, and AR - augmented reality, MR - mixed reality with AI and deep machine learning is becoming greater with time.

Today, facial recognition is widely in use, especially for security purposes. In fact, it is receiving huge attention from every top mobile application development company in USA.

The technology is highly potential and leverages a wide range of mobile applications. You will find tons of facial recognition apps for your mobile at your app stores.

Thanks to all the recent developments in operating systems, processor speed, camera technology, and mapping processes, which made the new facial recognition technology an integral and authentic part of all the internet using devices.

There are five component steps followed by every facial recognition app and software.

Each component is significant and cannot be ruled out! If you have any plans to make a face recognizing app, then always keep these components in your mind.

  •  Facial Detection and Tracking
  •  Facial Alignment
  •  Feature Extraction
  •  Feature Matching
  •  Facial Recognition

I think there is no need to explain all five components because you can predict how detection to recognition actually works! Though the system is beneficial in unlocking your smartphones, there are some other benefits of facial recognition technology.

Benefits Of Facial Recognition Technology

It is clear that this technology is spectacularly powerful in enhancing security & tracking down the trespassers. Also, it can bring immense advantages to the mobile app & web development companies.

On the other hand, if it at all the technology falls in the wrong hands or misused, it can lead to some serious consequences. Aside from unlocking smartphones, facial recognition can give you some other benefits.

Some of them are closely related to mobile apps! Facial recognition technology benefits:

  • Enhanced Security: With this technology’s help, finding out criminals, terrorists, burglars, etc. via face scan is easy. Also, you can use the technology personally with the surveillance camera.
  • Faster Processing: To protect cyber attacks and hacking from happening, quick and efficient verification of an individual is necessary. What best can be other than facial recognition?
  • Seamless Integration: Facial recognition system is easily integrable to any software, app. It is always a win-win situation for the custom software development services provider to add security features in their IT products.
  • Identification Automation: Though it appears that facial recognition is in its development phase, you will be thrilled to know that face-recognizing technology is now 3D (3-dimensional).

With the 3D recognition and enhanced security concepts, the face recognition apps are at the next level. It’s not going to take time when biometric facial recognition will become more deep in the coming years.

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Facial Recognition Taking Mobile Security To Next Level

Implementing this technology in facial recognition app and face-recognizing software is easy for businesses and government agencies. There are many benefits the technology offers to different business sectors.

Here are some industry respective benefits:

Social Networking Security

Mobile app developers use this technology to identify people. There are several apps like FaceLock, LogMe, IObitApplock, FaceVault, etc. that enhance the data privacy and security of consumers.

Such apps are in usage for social media logins and social networking websites like dating websites. These apps are a good example of social network application development integrated with advanced technologies.

Financial Transactions

Online shopping is very popular among the new generation!

Smartphone developers such as Apple and Google install face recognition system software in their smartphones. By using this software, a person can easily & securely carry out banking and financial transactions by identifying his/her face.

This reduces your load to remember and save all passwords every time. It is time to make your beautiful face your password.

Healthcare Automation

The healthcare software development industry in USA also uses this new technology extensively. Now medical professionals can simply identify patients' illnesses by seeing their facial features. Though it cannot cure big diseases, the technology can establish the best route for the patients without visiting the doctors in person.

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eCommerce is the biggest business market in the world. Today, this sector uses facial recognition to provide better experiences to the customers. For example, take eyeglasses company Warby Parker and Lenskart!

Also, many eCommerce website development companies in Raleigh, USA are using facial recognition technology to enhance the security of the eCommerce login process.


Despite having a few limitations in facial recognition technology, it is popular; eventually, it is in use among many mobile applications. It is simply making our lives easier because with this we need not remember complex passwords.

We just need to give our face for using the best security feature of the 21st century!