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How Website Design Services Helps In Online Lead Generation?

Website Design that Help Online Lead Generation

Can your website drive lead to an increase in your business revenue? Is your sales team capable of closing high-quality leads? Are you interested in knowing some best web design methods to generate more online business leads and revenue?

Yes, then today you are on the right web page!

According to a report, “61% of B2B marketers consider generating high-quality leads a big challenge.”

Most of the B2B companies struggle in the online lead generation on their business website. Actually, companies are unsure about the beginning of online marketing and campaigning for acquiring better leads.

This is because the lead generation in B2B becomes hard if traditional marketing techniques are used.

A lead in business refers to a contact that is interested in purchasing your company’s services and products. If your business is online, then the lead should be online.

These leads are those people who visit your site, explore your services & products, filling out the contact form, or directly contact you via the phone number to buy the prospect.

This means a website (an online platform to showcase your services/products) is important in generating better leads.

Now, what do you think - Can a good looking website hold on to the visitors?

We think yes! A good attractive, rich-in-color website will definitely make a good impression on your visitors. This is why it is said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder! 

In this article, we are going to tell you the best lead generation methods by a top web design company in the USA. The first requirement is having a website where it all starts.

A visitor buying something from the website is called a converted lead or customer.
Website Conversion Rate refers to the number of customers (converted leads) generated at your website divided by the number of visitors (leads) at your website per month.

NOTE: We are talking about increasing leads, not the converted leads!

Though there are many ways to increase online lead generation for business, web design practices is an important one to consider when creating a website.

If you have a high level of quality traffic on your website, then there are chances that your lead generation statistics will always be high.

It is because quality traffic is always achieved by a website whose SEO is excellent, SERP ranking is high, Keyword ranking is high, development is done logically, UX/UI is high, and the website design is done beautifully.

Yes, you read it right! The web designing also increases the B2B leads or B2C leads. You want to know how?

Then check on to the latest -

Key Web Design Factors To Increase Lead Generation

As an entrepreneur, periodic optimization of your website can increase your target audience’s attention because a well-designed site can bring you better potential customers.

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We mean if your website looks more credible and reliable, it can make people abandon the other websites. Thus, to ensure that your website always gets better sales, we have listed a few key factors which you must add in your website designing methods.

Following are those key factors:

  • Focus on making a simple, responsive and mobile-friendly design
  • Create attractive, playful, intuitive, and interactive landing pages.
  • Put personalized Call-to-actions or CTAs buttons for the visitors.
  • Design your website with concise forms because form filling always annoys the visitors.
  • Don't be afraid of white space; use the right images, but avoid stock photos of people
  • Write content that is evergreen, as it keeps on attracting leads for your business.

Remember, website design is a container that contains services related to the content or product-related content in it. All online visitors come for better content.

Furthermore, if they like content, they will probably purchase from your website!

A website plays a significant role in attracting and acquiring leads. Thus, we have selected the best web development services to attract potential customers.

Below are the 5 top methods of lead generation for business via web designing ways:

5 Lead Generation Website Design Tips And Tricks

Let’s say you drive good quality traffic at your website that converts at a 2% website conversion rate. But your aim is to increase this rate, i.e., you want to get more leads for generating better revenue.

Here, we have the top five lead generation web design practices to help you to create a better website. If you want to get the latest web design tips and tricks, then read below

TIP 1: Focus UI/UX

A successful lead generation website design focus on creating an audience-based website. Thus, it is better to make UI/UX of the website better. Better design experience of yours gives better UI/UX to the users and brings their attention to your business.

Following are the tricks to do so:

  • Get your pages loading fast
  • Utilize white space
  • Create simple navigation
  • Focus to increase website processing speed

These steps can create a more user-friendly and mobile responsive website design with added features in it that increase leads for your business.

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TIP 2: Choose The Right Website Design

The best practice is by using better aesthetics in website design. Your choice of web design is important because 94% of new visitors relate the design with their first impression.

Additionally, a killer attractive design catches more audience’s attention and gives a run-off to your competitors.

Following are the tricks to do so:

  • Establish a design style guide of your website
  • Make your design reflective of your business
  • Opt for a custom design

Build a quality, custom website design for your business as it might create a memorable experience for your audience. And the chances of the same audience visiting your website will increases.

TIP 3: Testimonials Section Boost Credibility

More than 75% of users trust the recommendations from others!

As a result, you must include review sections and testimonial sections in your website design. A visitor reading these sections will increase the trust in your brand. Use the past experience of previous clients and customers to make your future.

Following are the tricks to do so:

  • Add testimonials to your website
  • Integrate Google reviews into your website
  • Also, integrate reviews from other sites

This section makes the visitor confident about your services and products! Also, their trust increases in you, and you generate more leads for your business.

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TIP 4: Add Call To Action (CTA) Buttons

For successfully increasing leads, add CTA buttons in your website designs. These buttons provide the next task to the users, or they guide the user towards exploring your website. 

And if you have good quality products and services, then the CTA buttons will surely bring you leads.

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Following are the tricks to do so:

  • Make your CTA buttons pop off your page
  • Don’t stick to generic CTAs like “Click here” or “download now.”
  • Choose a rectangular button, a rounded button, or an extended oval button.

CTA buttons help the users to contact your business, email sign-up, newsletter subscription, and downloading content. CTA’s guide the audience and bring you leads!

TIP 5: Add visuals to make your site engaging

Visuals break up the website text and the audience easily digest information. This way the audience at your website reads more content, and their chances of becoming your lead increases.

Following are the tricks to do so:

  • Use authentic photos to create a personal experience
  • Create videos to explain complex topics
  • Use infographics to present data

Visuals enhance your website visitors’ user experience, increase engagement ratio, keep people for a longer period of time at your website. This way they become your business website lead.

Bonus Tip: Work with a Web Design Expert

These tips will certainly increase the number of leads and if you invest more in the website design methods, the lead generation will be an easy task for your online business.

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