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Avoid Web Design Mistakes To Build Best Websites For Clients

Avoid these Web Design Mistakes

For all small businesses, their website is the first thing that leaves the impression that business is real. Today online existence is the seal that physical storefront exists; moreover, it is genuine!

A website serves as a primary first point of contact for users while they reach out to a new business. Hence, professional custom web design on a site is important to grab the user’s quick attention.

You might ask us why only designing is preferred?

Your website helps you to reach customers whom you can never contact in person. It is the same as meeting a person for the first time face to face. Here we always try to impress the other person with our dressing sense. Therefore, the best web designing is highly essential.

What Should you opt for or the bad news is that most of the entrepreneurs & business owners screwing it up. Actually, they commit mistakes in web designing and fail to gather attention from online audiences.

Running a small business is challenging. Moreover, with cost-cutting ensuring the success has become difficult. The best possible way to make a success in today’s competitive world can be done by avoiding web design mistakes.

To make online presence strong, attracting new customers, retaining old ones, etc. can be done quickly by making less website design mistakes. Some stats here can support this statement:

“Two-third of online audience prefer reading a beautifully designed and arranged content. 39% of the audience stops engaging with a site if anything on the website loads slowly. Lastly, investors focus on investing in newer and well-designed websites.”

Though the website development platforms like WordPress & Squarespace are making best, responsive, intuitive, attractive, and high-performing websites, dedicated website developers prefer to design websites on heir own.

The fundamental approach of any web development service provider company is to ensure using design elements that give the best user experience. In 2019’s web designing concepts, there is a fleet of designing features, which can make your company’s goal achievable.

Either you are in B2B or B2C, connecting more and more people is important for your business. Hence, the list of mistakes in web design ad tips to avoid it will help you to make the best websites.

Let’s get started with the article, “Top web design mistakes to avoid in 2019 at costs.

People often consider site speed a technology issue, but it depends entirely upon website designing. Though there exist non-design related factors upon, the design elements on a webpage increases or decreases its heaviness.

A user prefers to visit those websites which load within 5 seconds.

A slow, sluggish, less responsive website will never attract any user. Furthermore, Google considers site speed as an essential factor in SEO. Thus, each design element should be placed well.

Note: If you don’t understand the website designing statistics well, then you can take care of a professional website design services company in USA. At least, taking the help of a professional web designing service provider will keep you away from harm's way and website design mistakes.

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Lack Of CTA’s

CTA’s (calls-to-action) help you to create a conversion once the user starts exploring your website. CTA’s should be prominently displayed, easily identifiable, and simple to interact with. The use of multiple CTA’s is a best practice as it allows the visitor to subscribe for newsletter & notification, make registrations, and to make a purchase. Without CTA’s, a website serves no purpose for the business.

Heading And Subheadings

Most people don’t focus on headlines and emphasize more on texts. Judging by trends, we bet if your attention will ever go to sentences without an eye-catching heading. When a website is full of walls of text, it automatically kills the user experience. As a result, website visitors jump to other sites and try never coming back to it again.

In addition to it, one more reason that you need headings and subheading is due to search engine mechanisms. Headings and subheadings are easily found by the search engine, which boosts your website rank.

If one factor is search engine ranking, then another factor is the text presentation, readability. Here, if you commit any web design mistakes, then the first impression will go waste.

“Remember, a good website design always leaves better feedback, user experience, and increase your purchase.”

Search Box Placement

The standard search box location is always at the top of the webpage, while the secondary search box can be placed lower on the webpage. Most people use the search box immediately!

And if you let them hunt for a search box, probably it will annoy them and can cause you a page bounce.

Use Of Jargon

If a visitor lands on your webpage, then they will not stick around to understand the technical jargon or your metaphors! However, if you are able to place jargon in good design with flavors of color variants, then understanding jargon might become easy for the website visitors. The best example is the Dropbox Business website!

Excessive Creativity

In the case of web designers and web development artists, more use of creativity is required to present the business online. But, many web designers in USA and the world commits mistakes in web designing and couldn’t digest the webpage layout.

In other words, if your goal is to increase your conversion rate, then do not distract users with too many elements. Rather than engaging them, you will disengage them, and the visitor will leave your web page. The best option is to show creativity in a controlled fashion, as per user feedbacks and activities on your website.

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What Are SEO Web Design Mistakes To Avoid?

We all know that content is king! Thus, the combination of color + web layout + website theme + content presentation + design elements according to SEO guidelines will place you at the top of Google’s first page!

Great website designs always work well! And if you put your brain and brawn together, then with a good strategy and web designing guidelines from a professional custom web design companies will hail your business to the top.

Lack of Open Space

This is a very common mistake in web designing. Most of the people never look to it, but in 2019, it is a must to avoid! This concept goes hand in hand with excessive creativity!

Open space not only adds definition and spacing to elements but also provides rest to the visitors’ eyes. The proper space (often called white space or negative space) makes finding icons and buttons, such as CTA’s, easier. Using open space is even more important if ads are present on your site as they too attract the eyes.

“Horizontal Scrolling or vertical scrolling works well on both mobile and desktop devices. Horizontal scrolling is a quirky design choice, while the vertical design isn’t. If you follow the horizontol way, then stop avoiding this mistake in web design. However, we think a proper combination of both types of scrolling is useable to make a better website.”

Too Many PDFs, Images, Pop-ups, Ads

Using a large number of images, pop-ups, ads, PDFs on a website annoys the users. It increases website loading time, disturbs the web designing elements & stops the web crawlers from crawling the site.

If our focus is on making a good business website, then it is a must to avoid this web design mistake. Too many external file attachments to the webpage increase the processing time of each bit of information, making a website slow, less attractive, and intuitive.

Many website design services companies in USA do not use Google Analytics on their respective sites. They actually ignore the analytics that gives feedback, reviews and monitors the user activity,

Actually, web designing varies from person to person, but analytics is something that helps you to avoid web design mistakes to build the best websites for clients.

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People Ignore A/B Testing

Ignoring A/B testing is one more additional mistake that is committed by web designers these days. In A/B testing, you just need to check the UI/UX of the website before you land it live on the internet.

If you are running short on time and have no budget to adopt the process of user testing, then your responsive website should have an equal look at all devices of different sizes.
Standard Web Designing Practices

  •  Best color engagement
  •  Standard design elements
  •  Good control over typography
  •  Well structured web layout
  •  White open space
  •  Less use of jargon
  •  Proper placement of images, PDFs, etc.
  •  More CTA’s
  •  Design & SEO combination
  •  Autoplay videos and audios
  •  Background animation
  •  Use of proper heading, subheading on a webpage


If your website is based on your increasing online sales reputation, then all these standard website designing practices will need a good dedicated web designer in USA.

When choosing your web design partner, always be sure to check their proven track record. Read there testimonials, discuss all major web designing mistakes, and get to know about the best creativity.

You can also contact us; we are a top web development service provider in USA with great working experience in all CMSs, web development frameworks, and website builders.