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Build and Design a Professional Website in 30 Minutes

Build and Design a Professional Website

A Website for your businesses plays an important role. Therefore, the competition to make a professional website is high. While many entrepreneurs want to design a website from scratch, some want to design a professional website in minutes.

To make a website attractive and professional, many website developers use website layout design tools, website builders, CMSs. However, to build a website from scratch need a good amount of knowledge in website development and it may take time too.

Therefore, today in this blog post, you will learn to make an attractive, professional, responsive, and functional website in just 30 minutes!

Trust me, you only aren't alone who doesn't know where to start website development. A great many people today feel completely overpowered and frightened by the interaction, and they wind up either employing a specialist like a developer to make a site.

On one hand, we all know how difficult it is to design a website from scratch without any preparation, and we've perceived how, for certain organizations, a site can significantly deplete time and assets that they simply don't need to save.

However, imagine a scenario where I revealed to you that it doesn't generally need to be that way and that you could undoubtedly develop and design a professional website in only 30 minutes.

Well, with a professional website development company like ZRIX, you can make one.

In this tutorial, you'll learn to build your dream website that reflects your brand, vision, mission, makes the right traffic, is responsive, customizable, and takes less time in its development.

You Need WordPress Website Development!

To begin your WordPress site, you'll need:

  • A PC with the internet access
  • A thought of what your domain name and your site appearance will be
  • Space where you can work, continuous, for 30 minutes.

Furthermore, that is it – we'll deal with the rest together as we work through this blog. It is a tutorial kind of blog and we'll cover the following things:

  • Picking an extraordinary domain name.
  • Deciding your hosting plan.
  • Step-by-step instructions to introduce WordPress
  • Step-by-step instructions to effectively dispatch your WordPress site
  • Step-by-step instructions to fabricate your site pages on WordPress
  • Ensuring your site is set up to be found via web indexes
  • Improving your usefulness with modules
  • Making a completely altered site

Let's Begin -

Decide Domain Name and Hosting Plan

First, you have to choose your domain name and your hosting. There are many domain name generators like Godaddy, Bluehost, Everdata, etc. Book your international domain from these domain name providers.

Second, you have to choose a hosting plan. Though there are different types of website hostings like Shared, VPS, Dedicated, Cloud, and Reseller, we recommend choosing WordPress hosting services from Everdata.

Once you buy hosting services from them, you will get a couple of emails containing references and cPanel (Control Panel).

Set Up WordPress

The third step is to introduce WordPress to your hosting. Since you are adding a domain, you'll need to add the domain in the Control Panel (called cPanel) of your Bluehost account first.

On the hosting login screen, enter the domain name or your username and your secret encrypted password. Click submit.

Now on cPanel, go to "software selection". And click on QuickInstall.

Click WordPress, select your domain name, click Next, enter details and click Install. Type your Login Details.

You will see the WordPress login page. Login to it and start creating your WordPress website. Start customizing it!

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Create Website Pages

WordPress Dashboard has everything you need to develop a website. First, check your current website by clicking on Visit Site. Most probably your site is displaying Coming Soon pages! Go ahead and launch the website by making a final click on Click Here.

wordpress dashboard

Go to Pages >> All Pages >> Add New. You can also delete the default pages here. Repeat the process to create important pages of your website such as About, Contact, Home, Services, Portfolio, etc. You just have to customize the pages.

Optimize Site By Changing Basic Settings

  • Go to Settings >> General (Put a better site title, tagline, change URL if needed) >> Save Changes.
  • Go to Settings >> Reading >> A Static page >> Homepage: Home >> Save.
  • Go to Settings >> Permalinks >> Select Post name >> Save

IMAGE(WordPress Settings)

You have made your website foundations strong and now you can start customizing it, to make the website unique.

Customize Themes and Plugins

The theme is the general look and feel of your site, and it's a significant part to get right – it establishes the framework for incredible initial feelings, and it additionally gives you a base format and usefulness to work with.

So picking the correct theme is a significant advance!

In the same way, a plugin is an instrument that upgrades your site and adds usefulness. It can truly support your site and take it to a higher level.

  • Go to Appearance >> Themes >> Click Add New Theme >> Search the best theme >> Click Install >> Click Activate. Congratulations, you have changed your website look easily.
  • Go to Plugins >> Add New >> (Select the right plugins like Yoast SEO) >> Save.

These all are the basic steps to take care of launching your website in the best manner possible.

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Now Write Your First Blog

To compose your first blog post, go to your WordPress login page (this will quite often be at, enter your Username and Password, and snap-on Login.

The Dashboard (wp-admin) is the primary screen you see when you sign in to the organization space of your blog. This is the place where you can get initially an outline of what's going on with your blog.

You will not see a lot yet since your site is pristine, and that is OK.

To add your first post, look to Posts and pick "Add New."


Enter the title and type your article into the large content box. The post title will decide the title of the blog post as it shows up on your webpage, and the greater box is the place where the body of your blog post will be composed.

Whenever you have composed your first blog post, simply click on Publish and you're done.

Test Your WordPress Website

Testing your site before dispatching is critical to guarantee its prosperity. With the entirety of the work associated with making your website, the possibility of a test run can be very overpowering.

In any case, testing your site before its dispatch is fundamental. Whenever you've dispatched your site, you need to have a firm procedure set up in regards to the subsequent stages for your website's development and upkeep.

Whenever you are finished setting up a website, your work doesn't stop there. You should buckle down on your new site to get it before individuals. Promote it well. Also, don't forget to monetize it!


WordPress is generally utilized in light of the fact that it is easy to use and adaptable – you will not have to invest a great deal of energy learning the mechanics of how to make a website with WordPress.

Various designers, coders, and developers work with WordPress so you don't need to stress over how to code your own website. It's better to hire custom website design services providers for making a WordPress website.

Individuals continually configure subjects and foster eCommerce modules alongside new highlights that you can add to your WordPress site.