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10 Do’s And Don’ts Tips When You Select A Wordpress Theme

Tips to Select a WordPress Theme

WordPress has thousands of responsive themes. Every theme is unique in its own way. Some appear to be perfect and some need customization!

When you go online to select one theme for your project, it is obvious that you will get confused in a number of ways. It would take days of the search for you to select one theme out many.

And when you want to develop the best website, choosing the right theme is very important!

The right theme means it should be responsive across all kinds of internet devices. We know that WordPress is the biggest pool of the themes; thus, making it more daunting than ever in selecting one possible theme.

WordPress is an easy platform that makes beautiful and functioning websites without using high-level coding. Not only, the top web development company in USA find it easier to develop websites, an individual can also make a website in a few days.

“Today, the WordPress powers 32.9% of total websites on the internet, where 25 billion website pages are viewed every month. Furthermore, it is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) across the globe.”

Multinational business websites and individuals, both prefer WordPress due to its flexibility, interactive functions, design appearance, and open-source nature. Also, it saves time in website development.

However, sometimes it can become a headache for experts to make a website with WordPress. This can happen only when they don’t know, “how to choose a WordPress theme?”

Hence, in this article, we are going to tell you some common Do’s & Don’ts tips to select the best WordPress theme. Let’s get started with our article;

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How to Pick a WordPress Theme?

When it comes to WordPress business themes, this powerful theme can cater to all kinds of businesses and markets. With proper research and planning, choosing a theme can become a simple task.

This is only possible if you have a clear understanding of what do you want to see on your website and where? The online market is full of varieties. There are tons of websites competing with each other and beating them would be very hard.

But, what if you can grab user attention in a first hit?

A user prefers to visit a site that interacts and attracts them! Every WordPress theme development is done keeping this in mind. Each theme looks simple, yet realistic and pleases users of all types and preferences.

If you are looking to increase customer engagement over your website, then we would suggest you go with the WordPress development services

WordPress is not only an easy to access, interactive website building platform, but it easily supports all kinds of businesses. For example, blogging, eLearning, tour & travels, online restaurant, eCommerce website development services, and many more.

There are a number of themes that provide the best website layouts and designs to thousands of online businesses. The only question is how expert you are in WordPress to select a template for the pages of your website.

10 Do’s To Select A Wordpress Theme:

Know What You Want

Before you select a theme, you must make a list of all the features that you want in your website. For this, you can use the WordPress Feature Filter tool!

It makes easy for anyone to customize the search for selecting themes based upon the features if thought properly. A theme selection must help you in accomplishing your goals.

NOTE: Your features must be sorted such that you can make a colorful website but not a complex website. Complex sites are less appealing to the users and can disengage anyone.

Also, a complex theme can take more time to load! Thus, always focus on the user. Make sure you show them what they want to see.

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Color Is Important

Most of the online marketing is dependent on visual appearance. And color plays an important role in appearance. A good color theme decides better brand recognition.

Always stick to the neutral corners and select colors that interest the user. Here, we would suggest you go through your competitors' color choices by visiting their websites.

Also, never get confused between light and dark!

Statistics show that users prefer light-colored sites. A light-colored site increase site visibility, readability, and makes your design more conventional. In case you want to go for dark color shades, then prefer a good responsive WordPress theme that offers night mode selection.

How To Choose A Responsive Theme?

The responsive design actually means creating an ultra-easy website that can run on all kinds of internet devices. When a WordPress development company in USA creates a site, they make sure that it can run fast on mobile, laptop, tablet, and other devices of different screen sizes. 

If the sites run successfully on all the devices without any hiccups, then we can say that the theme is flexible, compatible, and responsive. It would be more beneficial if the theme has a good scope of customization.

Here are some ways or the particular Do’s points that you should take care while selecting a responsive theme:

  • The theme should be mobile-friendly
  • The theme should browser-friendly.

A mobile-friendly website gives you a better scope of doing business because 50% of online traffic comes from mobile users! Hence, don’t forget to check the responsiveness of the website while selecting a WordPress theme.

To give a better experience to the users at different devices, you must also take care of the browsers. A theme must be accessible to all browsers because your user/visitor can come from any browser.

Some of the world’s leading browsers are Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge. On the internet, you can find a plethora of tools that helps you in finding if the theme is browser-friendly or not!

Your Theme Must Support Different Plugins

When we talk about plugins, we solely prefer WordPress plugins. The Internet is full of WordPress compatible plugins. A plugin has to add extra features to your websites. Hence, you must remain certain that your selected theme would be compatible with almost all WordPress plugins.

Yoast SEO, caching plugins, forms, multi-vendor plugins, etc are some common plugins that must be in use with every WordPress theme.

A Theme Should Provide Support

Themes that provide support are premium themes. These themes guarantee you the assistance in conditions where it can fail. We believe choosing a premium theme is a good investment because it gives you better support, robust security, and advanced features.

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Select An SEO Optimized Theme

A website is useless if people can’t find it online. To make sure that your website is easily searchable, WordPress provides you SEO optimized themes. Using themes like this, you can extend SEO functions and make your website more accessible to SERP - Search Engine Results Page. A Wordpress development agency always looks for these kinds of WordPress themes to develop better quality websites.

A Few Extra Tips To Choose WordPress Theme

  • Select a theme that supports all types of widgets
  • Select a theme that supports technology like iBeacon
  • Select a theme that works well with Cloud, Web hosting services, & blockchain, etc.

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6 Don’ts To Select A Wordpress Theme:

Never Choose A Bloated WordPress Theme

A theme offers a lot of appealing features but it may sometimes compromise security and distract the users. Also, bloated themes can make a site slow. Therefore, try to increase your budgets and go for a premium theme that supports regular fixes, better coding, improved coding, & updates.

Don’t Use Too Much Google Fonts

While some themes offer limited customization options, then some offer limited adjustment with the fonts upon the use of CSS. So, don’t use too many Google fonts!

Never Use Too Much Of Widgets

Any WordPress theme comes with some default widgets that help you to perform basic functions of videos, texts, images, etc. However, not all widgets are utilized completely.

Furthermore, if you add more widgets to your website, then things become messier! Thus, get rid of unnecessary widgets. For this, you can easily register & unregister a widget as per your requirements.

Never Fail To Update Your Features

We know that WordPress offers a simple business model, that doesn’t mean that you can sit back and relax. If your site is on WordPress then you would have to learn to add new features to your website. 

Rather than sticking to old features, adding new ones is important because new features will help you to get more business benefits. Also, this would keep the user and audience interest in your site. As a result, you will always retain a high customer engagement ratio.

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Never Ever Ignore Website Security

Websites are always open to hackers and the cyberattackers. The web attacks are growing at an alarming rate. Hackers can break into any site and impact it seriously!

They can steal data, information, and exploit users directly. Maybe it is difficult for you to understand the security’s importance, but a WordPress theme can help you in many ways.

All themes at WordPress are secure and guarantees to keep passwords encrypted. It is your choice if you would like to use WordPress. A Professional custom web design company in USA always focuses on website security by using WordPress themes!

Some More Tips To Take Care 

  • Never forget to choose a theme that supports plugins
  • A theme should be chosen after examining your competitors' site
  • Always believe in updating themes from time to time
Final Words!

Take your time to choose the right theme for your WordPress website. Invest proper money at your WordPress website platform and focus on earning and make your business a brand with Wordpress!

We are always open to your comments, and feedbacks 24x7!