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Top 9 Website Quality Assurance Guidelines You Must Follow

Website Quality Assurance Guidelines

Your website must work as it is meant to be as per your planning, designing, and development. Otherwise, your users or visitors will lose trust in your online brand.

Finally, you will gain loss of revenue, loss of daily audience, and loss of reputation.

Thus, to maintain all these you need to test your website after it is built completely. The test is known as website quality assurance testing!

“A poor user experience results in a loss of 67% of users. Out of which, 91% of unhappy customers simply leave without voicing any complaints.”

As per The World, Quality Report companies keep the website quality check budget very low. 

Their universal recommendation for all the web development service providers is to keep website quality assurance testing budget more than the development budget.

Considering the changing web design and development methodology and evolving technological world, everyone in the world is on their toes to remain competitive in the website development business. 

Those who are able to fill the customer expectations can make the best websites.

And to full the demands of customers, you need to understand their requirements, implement them on your websites. Lastly, you must check them if they are deliverable!

That’s why to meet the customer expectations, you must run a test of quality assurance for a website built at your company or by you (if you are an individual website developer).

Every web developer or software developer expert should check the quality of their developed products. For this, they must know how to use the website quality assurance tools.

Such testing will alert and implement the right approach of a method in the business.

In this article, we have prepared a list of top quality assurance checklist that would work in any website project. Any web solution can go for the website quality assurance test by using the below checklist and tools.

Being a top web development company in USA, we ensure you that the tests will give you a unique way to hit the consumer’s eye because you will be able to understand their demands!

Let’s have a quick in-depth look in the below website quality assurance tools and checklists for the web developers to test a website successfully:

Open Door Communication

Working as a team of website developers, the right communication strategy among all team members is necessary when creating a unique and viable web solution. For this, you must ensure that every single member of your team has understood the assigned task. 

In the website quality checklist, communication should be your first strategy, progressive plans the second, and seeking suggestions within the project is third.

If you find this valuable and thoughtful then brainstorm your teamwork!.

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Align Designs With Business Needs

Once the project is complete, you must check if your website design is properly aligned or not! As per the customer needs, you must align the project’s design to meet your business needs.

Furthermore, you must have the potential to get into the head of your clients to understand their thinking approach and perception about the website design. 

There should be a perfect balance between the design uniqueness, website project, client requirements, and the desired results you want to obtain.

“Thus, design development and communication are the three top website quality assurance testing factors.”

Creative Approach In Development

As a website developer, you must always remain salient and creative with whatever kind of website you create for the people out there. You must ensure a creative, attractive, intuitive, responsive website. 

Remember, the first impression is the last impression!

Thus, hire the best website design services company in USA which includes the below points:

  • Best use of whitespace
  • Avoid irrelevant and large content like images
  • Avoid contrasting colors, use professional colors and  font size
  • Eliminate all the broken links
  • A website should be cross-browser compatible
  • Website’s launch date and copyright year must match

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Website Design/Development Checklist

  • Site must implement valid HTML/XHTML
  • The CSS should be valid
  • Never implement unnecessary classes
  • Implement the right code structure
  • No Javascript errors on your site

High-Quality Content

Content is the heart of the website, and the users come at sites to interact with a good, readable content. That’s why it is said that;

The content is the King! 

As per Hubspot, more than 55% of visitors spend less than 15 seconds on a website. This means they didn’t find the website content, design, development better!

Hence, keep the content fresh, unique, and interesting to attract users and target a larger audience.

Follow these common web content writing practices:

  • No grammatical errors
  • Less space between words
  • Always keep a space after punctuation
  • Cross-check for any discrepancy in the content
  • No plagiarized content
  • 100% unique content

Highly Functional Website

For website quality assurance one thing, i.e. high functional website is very important. To achieve this, you must ensure that the website development is perfectly done and fulfills the client specifications greatly.

Additionally, it helps in increasing the leads, customers, online revenue, and profit margin.

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Below are the tips to check the high functionality of website development:

  • Check if the website has seamless navigation
  • Check the comment section, registration form, etc.
  • Check all the links internal and external
  • Check website speed and performance
  • Run website analysis tools on your website
  • Check error page
  • Check the Call to action chord between pages
  • Check if your all pages are customized

All these website quality checkpoints must be cross-verified by the development and testing department of your organization.

Otherwise, you can take the help of top custom website design services to check the website which you and your team have developed.

“Additionally, you must also check the website speed and performance along with the SEO!”

The list discussed above leads you to the important and necessary website quality assurance checkpoints. As a developer working in a good web development company, these points will add more techniques and proficiency in your skills.

We recommend you to always take care of your website by testing it rapidly and quickly periodically!