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The Social Network Part 2 In The Age Of AI!

AI technology platforms

How much do you rely on social media platforms as an audience or to build an audience? Do you use social media to drive engagement to your business websites and applications? Have you ever thought if social media can coexist with Artificial Intelligence tools to support business and grow revenue by many folds?

No, then you will get answers to all these questions! In this post, you will learn how AI is transforming the social network around you and how AI-powered tools and intelligent automation technologies help in running the social media for you.

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Let’s start!

AI technology platforms are cognitive computing, where computer program code is used to control systems and machines in such a manner that they mimic human-like cognitive functions, for instance learning, problem-solving, classification, etc.

“AI has two important subsets, i.e., Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.”

ML - Machine learning refers to the machine’s learning ability by using explicit codes via pattern recognition, computational statistics, and by processing a set data. The ML adapts to the programs on the basis of data, results, feedback, and detect patterns like photos, images, audios, face recognition, etc.

Social media is the biggest tool to collect data about the audience. As an AI user, you can collect the audience's views, likes, dislikes, their thought process, their personal data, etc.

Once this data is simulated via an AI Neural Network, the obtained neural net system works like a biological brain. Now comes the NLP (Natural Language Processing) which derives meaning, sentiments, and context-based upon collected data.

This is how the digital virtual assistant like ALEXA, SIRI works at our homes!

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The concept that AI is only about Automation is false because AI is here to help us know more about ourselves. Therefore, NLP, AI, and machine learning have become important for social media marketing.

Why is AI Relevant to Social Media?

Technologies like AI and its subsets are responsible for analyzing large datasets. And social media generates the highest amount of data. Computer science techniques, advanced machine learning, and superior computational firepower extract data insights that are fed upon them via social media.

The insights are now used in predictions, classification, understanding human behavior, recommendations, and to make correct decisions. If you remove social media from your life, you will cut-off yourself from the world which ultimately will impact your decisions.

“As per the recent stats about usage of AI in the social media market, the AI + Social Media industry will be around 2,197 million $ by 2023.”

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The intelligent automation technologies are not only automating the life around you, some automation is happening inside your mind too. This is due to AI in Social Network whose aim is to decrease the cost while increasing the revenue!

Here, companies use AI-enabled social media for marketing, selling, and business purposes.

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How to Use AI With Social Media Content?

AI can effectively and efficaciously procedure regular unstructured consumer-generated huge quantities of content data on social networks to apprehend the natural language and become aware of styles.

The consumer-generated content material on social networks may be informal, stylized, and in precise formats. The social network of your connections affords extra social shape when the companies apply intelligence to it. The consumer surroundings may be represented as graph systems for connections among customers to apprehend social styles and connections.

A facial recognition system becomes aware of faces in virtual pix or video frames to categorize photo/image content on a social media community platform. The effects may be used for annotations, personalized advertising, fashion detection, face detection, and many more.

Have you ever thought that your news feed of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn gets filled with the type of thighs which you watch more and search more?

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If you will search for chocolate all the time on FB, then your news feed will start to show chocolates. That's because AI now knows your chocolate specifications very clearly.

This is how the AI really works in social media!

Artificial Intelligence is used on Social media platforms to Analyze text, Analyze pictures, Detect spam, Avoid propaganda, Decide content flow, Social Insights, Advertise & Marketing, and Data gathering.”

How Are Social Networking Companies Using AI?

With the help of artificial intelligence tools, the social media platform companies acquire large amounts of data which has user-generated content, different audience’s different usage data, and social network connections among all the users that are connected together.

It isn't sudden of a surprise that maximum social networking companies have their own AI labs or in deals and linked with third-party professionals and corporations that have techniques to get the consumer statistics generated on their worldwide available social media platforms.

Currently, every well-established AI application is mainly targeted as an advertising tool! While the other applications evolve in areas such as tracking & monitoring, cybersecurity, robot agents, image and voice recognition, etc.

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Given the significance of statistics, data analytics, and social networking, the companies like FB, Insta, Twitter, etc. continue to invest more in the research of developing a better AI with better data mining and processing capabilities.

Some Recent Developments:

  • In May 2018, Google enhanced its AI-powered Google News app, AI-powered voice Assistant, New Conversational Assistant, and invested more in Deep Mind.
  • Similarly, Facebook launched FB - AI for better advertising to future customers based upon their usage and behavior.

The Future is Social Artificial Intelligence!

The term Social Artificial Intelligence or Social AI is based upon collecting customer history, its content, and data from SoMe channels only to generate a better and meaningful experience for the daily audience.

By mixing AI personally with marketers' minds, generating leads is easier!

Lastly, I would conclude by saying that AI isn’t posting any threat to jobs and social media marketers. But, the wave of technology can probably create more automation, then to real-time creative work.

We feel doing investment in Social Media Marketing with AI is a great option to opt!

What thoughts do you have in your mind? Do you have doubts about the AI usage in social networks?

Then reach out to the top artificial intelligence development company and clear your all AI-social media doubts!